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Open Learning Exchange Internships

Open Learning Exchange or often known as OLE is a non-profit organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The organization is offering an internship program to eligible students to acquire practical working experience in the environment of OLE. The hired applicant will work under the direct guidance of experienced OLE staff. At the time of pursuing the internship program, the candidate will be gaining a deeper understanding and knowledge of the company‡s mission, programs, and values. The applicants are encouraged to work in all the related areas that match the skills and can build new skills for future purposes. The internship program to the student is unpaid. The company intends to hire students all year-round, during the school and summer term. The company is offering three different kinds of an internship programs that includes a tech internship, an internship in the communication and development team, and an internship in the library management team. The applicant interested in pursuing the internship program must be bright enough to tackle the workload in the company and must complete the work before time. The student must be 18 years old, to carry out the internship program. The applicant is required to work for a bachelor‡s degree in engineering, software development, mechanical engineering, communication, or library sciences from an accredited college or university.

The interns are supposed to carry out some of the essential functions in the company. As a virtual software engineering intern, the student must be passionate and innovative and can be asked to assist in delivering software, hardware, and technical support to different e-learning programs around the world. The communication and development intern will assist the director of communication and development in different kinds of activities that include implementing social media strategy and performing online communication. As a librarian intern, the applicant is responsible for identifying, researching, and curating an extensive list of open-source learning material. Both the communication and development intern and librarian intern are supposed to commit 15 hours per week in the company. The applicant interested to work as a software engineer intern is required to commit 16 hours per week. Any candidate interested to pursue the internship program must possess strong communication skills both verbally and written. The ideal candidate is someone who is flexible enough to handle multiple projects at a time and can meet tight deadlines. The student must possess skills in Salesforce, word press, e-mail marketing programs, and Google analytics is preferred. The internship offered by the company can be used for college credit and the company offers an internship program to every candidate without any discrimination.

Open Learning Exchange or OLE is a non-profit, social benefit organization that was founded in 2007. The vision of the company is that every person in the world had unfettered and open access to learning resources that they need to flourish to the very best of their abilities. The company aims to ensure that everyone will have access to quality education that engenders a personal sense of meaning, power, and connection leading to more productive sustainable communities and lives. The organization tries to solve problems in the learning sector and uses every methodology to remove them. The company intends to provide education resources to all, especially to young girls, women, and those who live in poverty.


From the very first day in the internship program, the applicant is eligible for the great benefits that are offered by the company to the students. The company intends to provide paid time off, sick leaves, and insurance facilities as benefits. Other than that, the applicant can work in a fast-paced environment. The program is not paid but the internship program can be used for college credit in the company.


Virtual Software Engineering Internship

  • Assist with delivering software, hardware.
  • Provide technical support to various e-learning programs.
  • Software quality assurance testing.
  • Hardware and Software troubleshooting.
  • Developing software.
  • Perform other technical tasks.
  • Assist with software QA deployments and processes of the library‡s hardware and software.

Communication And Development Internship

  • Implementing and developing a social media strategy.
  • Perform online communications.
  • Fundraising planning and research.
  • SEO and Google analytics support.
  • Provide maintenance.
  • Perform administrative duties.
  • Participate in an operational program.
  • Attend meetings.

Librarian Internship

  • Identify, research, and curate an extensive list of open-source learning material.
  • Develop a clear and concise record of the resources in the digital library.

Internship Eligibility

  • The candidate must be at least 18 years old or more than that to carry out the internship program.
  • The applicant must be working towards a bachelor‡s degree from an accredited college or university.
  • The student interested in pursuing a software engineering internship must be working towards majors in mechanical engineering, software development.
  • The ideal person for the company, who wants to work for a communication and development internship must be obtaining a degree in communication or any other related major.
  • The applicant interested to grab a librarian internship must be working towards a degree in library science.
  • The candidate must be detail-oriented, organized, and innovative.
  • The applicant must possess working knowledge of programming languages.
  • The person must know how to work in a collaborative working environment.


Open Learning Exchange is offering the internship program in Cambridge, Massachusetts. But, the software engineering internship program is offered to the student as a virtual internship program. The applicant must stay in the United States to successfully carry out the internship program.

Duration of Internship

The organization is providing the internship program to bright candidates. The person working as a software engineer intern must commit 16 hours per week for approximately three months. The applicant who intends to work as a communication and development intern must commit 15 hours per week. The candidate interested in working to grab a librarian internship must also commit 15 hours per week.

How to Apply

A student who is quite serious to work as an intern in the company must apply for the program beforehand. The procedure to apply for the internship program is to click on the link which is provided to the applicants. The link will be redirected to a new page where all the details must be filled in by the applicant itself. The candidate must make sure that all the details entered are correct and updated. The details of the form will not be considered, if the details entered are not up to the mark. The person must wait for some time after applying for the internship program.

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