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NJ Transit Internship

NJ Transit is the third-largest transportation agency in North America and is now seeking summer interns for the company. The internship program offered by the company is for three different areas that include capital programs, engineering, and design services internships. The internship program offered by the company is of hybrid form which means the applicant will gain knowledge of all three fields in a single internship. NJ Transit or New Jersey Transit is looking for candidates who can help to initiate the solution-based business model and take it to next level. As a hired intern in the company, the applicant will look over projects from concepts to completion. The interns are just one single step away from gaining the internship experience. The ideal candidate for the company is passionate to learn new things and creative enough to use solutions to make an impact on the lives of other people. The internship program will not only provide the experience but also allow the student to build a meaningful network that can be kept in contact after the completion of the program. The internship program offered by the company is for 10 weeks and is completely paid. The ideal age to pursue the internship program is 18 years. The company seeks rising junior or sophomores who are working to obtain a degree in the engineering field from a reputed college or university. The right fit for the organization is someone who possesses experience in engineering, architecture, or planning.

The interns selected for the role will gain experience and other skills, but to gain all this the applicant is required to work the assigned tasks. The roles and duties assigned to the applicant include assisting the company‡s architect and engineers with the development of bus and rail facilities. The tasks will be assigned to the student by the senior engineer or architect. The applicant must possess outstanding communication skills, both orally and in written form. The person is eligible to grab work from home opportunity but every person is not provided with the opportunity. The student working in an office environment is supposed to carry out some physical work that includes lifting, standing, and walking. The applicant must be brilliant, innovative, and a technology freak. The person must possess the ability to complete the assigned tasks before the given deadline, the work submitted after that will not be considered by the company. The student is paid $12 to $22 and it completely depends on the work performed and the qualification of the applicant. The right fit for the company is someone who possesses a working knowledge of computers, AutoCAD, and the person knowing coding or programming language is considered as a plus.

NJ Transit or New Jersey Transit Corporation, often shortened to NJT, is a state-owned public transportation system that serves the United States of New Jersey. The organization is the third-largest transportation agency in North America. The organization also covers some parts of New York State and Pennsylvania. It operates light rail, bus, and commuter rail services throughout the state, connecting to major employment and commercial centers both within the state and in the adjacent major cities of Philadelphia and New York. The organization covers a service area of 5,325 square miles. New Jersey Transit also acts as a purchasing agency for different private operators in the state, in particular, buses to serve routes that are not served by the transit agency.


Once engaged in the company, the interns are eligible for some of the marvelous benefits that include paid time off, competitive pay, a chance to build a network, sick leaves, and insurance. The company tries to provide those benefits to the student that can help them in every way.


  • Assist company‡s architects and engineers with the development of bus and rail facilities.
  • Assist the AutoCAD manager in updating the standard engineering details.
  • Assist with inventory of NJ Transit facilities.
  • Help in research best practices in solar systems, bus electrification, and other areas of resilient and sustainable engineering.
  • Help in brainstorming ideas.
  • Other related tasks as assigned by the senior member of the company.

Internship Eligibility

  • The minimum age required to pursue the internship program is 18 years.
  • The candidate must be a junior or sophomore.
  • The applicant must be working towards a bachelor‡s degree from an accredited college or university.
  • The ideal person is someone who is majoring in mechanical, civil, structural, telecommunication, or electrical engineering.
  • The right fit for the company is someone who possesses experience in engineering, architecture, or planning.
  • The candidate must possess familiarity with Google Earth.
  • The applicant must possess working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • The person must possess experience with digital modeling.
  • The candidate must be familiar with construction principles.
  • The student must possess strong oral and written communication skills.
  • The candidate must possess the ability to learn new things in a high-tech environment.


NJ Transit is offering the internship program in New Jersey. The New Jersey Transit is one of the most famous companies and offers an internship program to talented candidates. The applicant must stay in New Jersey to successfully carry out the internship program.

Duration of Internship

The company is offering an internship program on a hybrid basis. The duration of the internship program offered to students is for 10 weeks. The candidate is required to stay at the location for attaining proper skills and knowledge. The student is offered payment and the person can gain the knowledge and other related experience.

How to Apply

Applying for the internship program is not a big task, all the candidate is required to do is click on the link mentioned below and fill out the application form. At the time of applying for the role, the student is required to complete the entire application form, any incomplete details in the application form will not be entertained. The applicant is also required to upload related documents that include a resume and cover letter. The documents will help the employer to understand the student in a better way.

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