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Google STEP Internship Salary

An internship is a short duration course that is offered by companies to young and aspiring candidates to attain working knowledge and experience in a particular field or area. An internship is a right way to put the classroom knowledge to practice. By pursuing an internship program, the applicant will gain experience, add value to the resume, and learn new skills. Similarly, Google also offers some internship programs to talented candidates. One such program offered by Google is STEP. The full form of STEP is Student Training in Engineering Program and is formerly known as Engineering Practicum. The internship offered by Google is for 10-12 weeks and the applicant gains the working knowledge of computers. The program seeks first or second-year undergraduate students who possess a passion for computer science. The internship program focuses on overall development and provides other development opportunities to students from historically underrepresented groups in technology through professional development and technical training. The program offered by the company is for EMEA and APAC and the North American equivalent is the Engineering Practicum (EP).

The interns hired for the program will have the opportunity to attend technical talks by senior Googlers, gain insight into technical interview preparation, develop skills that will help in future growth, and learn about Google’s coding technologies and practices. The internship program offers the opportunity to work on a software project along with other STEP interns and other senior full-time Googlers and provides the opportunity to bridge the gap between practical professional experience and academic understanding. The student after pursuing the internship program will gain the knowledge and experience of how it feels working in the biggest company. The applicant needs to face all the interviews and must work hard to qualify for the internship program.

The two main questions that usually arise in the mind of the aspiring candidate are what the benefits of pursuing a STEP internship are and whether it is paid or not, if it is paid then what is the salary that is offered to the intern. In this article, we are discussing these few topics.

Benefits of Pursuing Google STEP Internship

Whether the applicant is studying computer engineering, computer science, software engineering, information technology, or cyber security, STEP Internship is a great way to spend summer break by gaining valuable work experience, making some money, and advancing professional knowledge.

Here are some of the things that a student can expect to get out of the Google STEP Internship:

1. Professional Skills

The student will apply academic knowledge to solve real-world problems and will learn about new programming languages and tools to enhance the coding skills. The person will gain coding knowledge and can learn new programming skills.

2. A Technical Project

The student will be assigned a challenging technical project that will allow the candidate to develop the solution and gain exposure to immense scale and complexity.

3. Technical Talks

The selected applicant will have the opportunity to attend the technical talks by Googlers, will learn about Google’s coding practices and technologies, and will gain additional technical interview preparation insights.

4. Mentorship and Coaching

The company will match the candidate with a Google engineer, who will mentor, coach, and provide guidance to the internship experience.

5. Networking

The hired intern will have a chance to create new personal networks and new friendships with a varied group of industry professionals and with a group of students.

Qualification Required

The company intends to hire someone who matches the qualification mentioned by the company. This will provide the basic needs that the company wants in their intern.

1. The student must be able to complete a full-time internship program that is offered for 12 weeks either in May-August or June-September.

2. The student must be returning to a bachelor’s degree program for a minimum of two or more years after completing the internship program.

3. The person must speak and write in English fluently.

4. The student must possess programming experience outside of the university.

5. The applicant must possess the desire and ability to learn new programming languages as required.

Minimum Qualification One Must Possess

Google STEP Internship can be the right fit for the students who possess these basic qualifications

1.  The student must be a first or second-year bachelor’s student studying Computer Science or a related field or area.

2. The applicant must be currently attending a university in North America.

3. If a person is a first-year student, then the student must have taken at least one university in computer science course both AP and IB included. But, if the student is a second-year student, then the student must have taken too.

4. The applicant must possess programming experience in JavaScript, C, C++, JavaScript, or Python.

An internship is paid or unpaid?

The answer to this question is internship is completely paid. The student is offered with stipend for the work and arranges the transport and accommodation to the office during the duration of the internship. The company provides $9000 upfront + around $43 to $45 per hour (paid biweekly) + many benefits including unlimited transportation and included unlimited free food. The intern at Google pays different to different interns. The pay that will be provided to the student depends on returning status, location, negotiation, and competing offers. But, this does not include the massive array of perks, like free swag and backpacks, hundreds of packaged snacks, free massages, free basketball, free days at amusement parks, and hamster ball races.