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Do Internship Drug Test

Exposing as an intern in the company can provide real-world experience. The candidate can enter the role of the intern and gain the relevant knowledge and a place to build a better future. However, the applicant is not considered an employee and is sometimes exempted from the benefits. Out of all this chaos, the students are mostly worried about do internship drug test? This is a question that is always so confusing for aspiring interns.

When the company is interested in conducting the drug test, then a clause will be clearly stated in the contract letter. The student can consider this as a pre-employment screening test. The test can conduct several things that include verifying criminal history and the most important screening for controlled substances and illegal drugs. This is done to ensure the student the company is hiring is appropriate or not. Because the selected student is going to work in their organization and it is now the responsibility of the company to keep a look at the behaviour of the applicant. That single temporary intern can be a boost to productivity, and for that, the person must be chosen after great consideration. The person is supposed to be working with the mandatory drug test even the student is working to be an unpaid intern.

Let’s have a brief look that whether interns are drug tested or not; if they are tested for the same, then what is the reason behind it.

Are Interns Drug Tested?

All the interns are usually tested for the drug in order to ensure workplace safety. The company wants to ensure that the students hired for the program can work in an environment that is safe and makes sure that the student does not come in contact with hazardous things.

The internship is the best way to work in a professional environment and gain working knowledge and enhance the skills. The internship is considered as a short term period course where many students from different backgrounds apply for a single role. To qualify for the same, one must possess developed skills and required qualifications. But along with all this, the applicants are expected to go through a drug test, especially in certain industries that include transportation, sports, healthcare, education and aviation.

On the same hand, the small organizations do not prefer any type of drug test but stills hire interns and provide them with luring benefits that include college credits, incentives, and a handsome package. The same follows with the technology companies; they usually do not drug test the candidates. But the exceptions are always there in some of the high tech companies; they probably can drug test the candidate.

For What is the Internship Drug Test?

The next big question that can arise is the student is tested for what kind of drug? The answer to the question is very simple. The internship will test for the same drugs that a typical pre-employment screening. The test includes but is not limited to nicotine, cocaine, meth, alcohol, opiates, and cannabis. The candidate can request a copy of the drug testing policy in order to have a clear idea that what the student will be tested for.

The internship uses multiple drug testing procedures in order to screen potential applicants. The companies use the most common drug test that includes either a urinalysis or mouth swab test. Sometimes along with these tests, the candidate is supposed to undergo a blood test. All the tests performed are done to make sure that the student is not going through any illegal activities. Anyone find failing the test will not be considered for future roles in the company, and the application will be rejected.

As clearly stated, the student can expect to go through the urinalysis test. So in this test, the urine will detect the presence of the drug toxins that are present in the body of the candidate after the drug has worn off. The other test the intern is expected to go through is the mouth swab test; in this test, the saliva of the applicant is collected and then it is tested for the activated TCH, which is a delta-9 compound that is found in marijuana and in other drugs that are used recently. The candidate can be asked for a blood test that can detect and measure the quantity of the alcohol or drug in the blood at the time of taking the sample.

Drug Test Law by Federal and State Government.

The federal and state law have prepared some of the policies that the employee needs to fulfil when applying for the open position. The student must follow these policies in order to get shortlisted for the role. The policies are made by the federal and state government in order to regulate discrimination and disabilities. It is not mandatory by the law that the student must undergo the test but in different cities or depending upon the company, the applicant can be asked to undergo the drug test.

At What Time Do the Companies Conduct the Drug Test?

If it is sure that the company will conduct the drug test, then the student must start preparing for it beforehand. The company usually conducts the drug test before the internship begins. It can be approximately one month before or a few weeks before the start of the internship program. This is done to ensure the safety of the company and the applicant.

Background Check

After the successful completion of the screening test and drug test, the reports are submitted to the human resource department. If any kind of problem is noticed, then further investigation is done by the risk management department. The company will have to think twice while considering the application of such a candidate.

The result of the background check is kept confidential, and it can only keep a hold on the selection of the student.


The intern is supposed to work as an intern and can be asked to undergo a drug test. The person can easily qualify for the drug test by using the detox kits. The person is not always supposed to undergo the internship program. The applicants can ask for the policy and can answer and clear the drug test properly. The applicant is considered as a full-time employee, and now it is the responsibility of the company to undertake the drug test of the student if needed.