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Bain and Company Internship

Enroll as an intern in Bain and Company start working for the growth of your future. Working as an intern in Bain and Company can be beneficial for the bright and innovative candidates as the company is providing positions for Associate Consultant Intern. The applicant will get a chance to work in a dynamic environment that will help to gain the important experience that will contribute to the well-round development of the person. If you are interested in working for the company your minimum age must be at least 18 years. Currently, enrollment is essential in college or university in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree. In order to successfully carry out the program duties, you must possess the skills like time management skills and the things that must be learned properly. You must extra possess some extra experience. The communication and technological skills will add up to your portfolio.

Working as an intern in the company you be assigned some special work that will help in building the resume and other professional skills. The program that you are going to work for can be challenging and you may be asked to work alongside the senior members of the company. At the start of the internship, you will be trained for around one week. You can also get a chance to work as an associate consultant upon the successful completion of graduation. The company is interested in hiring candidate who is intelligent, self-oriented, sharp and innovative. As an intern in the company, you will work on a case team with a group of three to five consultants, taking care of the distinct aspect of the project. The person can be asked to work for any number of hours per week.

Bain and company is the global consultancy company that will help the world’s most ambitious makers of the company that will define the future. The company will work alongside the clients as one team, both share the same and common ambition that can be used to achieve extraordinary results, redefine industries, and outperform the competition. The company works with a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators that are ready to deliver faster, better, and more enduring outcomes. The company is committed to investing billions in pro bono services that will help to bring expertise, talent, and insight to the various organization tackling the urgent challenges in racial equity, economic development, and education, and the environment.

The right candidate can go for the role and help increase the goal of the company. The program will directly deliver the proper growth of the applicant.


The company is a great place to earn money and gain proper knowledge. The company provides many opportunities that help in the growth. The company is occupied with open culture, fantastic teams, and nice offices. The best part is the training available and supportive management.


  • Work under the guidance and team of at least three to five consultants that will take the charge of a distinct aspect of the project.
  • Must conduct the interview of the competitors, customers, employees and suppliers.
  • Work with the seniors that will become the basis of the case team’s strategic recommendation.
  • Identify and Own information sources, execute analysis to translate into meaningful insights, gather and interpret data.
  • Present the findings to client stakeholders and team members.

Internship Eligibility

  • The candidate should be at least 18 years in age.
  • The applicant currently pursuing in accredited college or university to obtain the bachelor’s degree with any relevant major.
  • Must possess prior working experience in order to obtain the preference.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Suite, and Office.
  • Must be a team member and flexible enough to pursue the tasks in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Must be smart, diligent and resourceful.


The location for the internship is at various places. Some of the location sites include Los Angeles, New York, and other cities all over the world.

Duration of Internship

The applicant can be asked to perform the work for various schedules. The candidate must be available full-time for the completion of the work.

How to Apply

You need to click on the given below link. You have to fill in all the necessary details along with some additional documents that can also be added like a resume, educational information.

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