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Northrop Grumman Internship Salary

Northrop Grumman Corporation is an American multinational defense and aerospace technology company. The company is one of the world‡s largest military technology providers and weapons manufacturers. The organization is having 90,000 employees and the annual revenue exceeds $30 billion. The company offers an internship program to candidates who are interested in the engineering field. The internship program is a short-duration course that is offered to school or college students to gain practical working experience before getting a full-time role in a company. The student can gain incredible experience while working as an intern at Northrop Grumman. The company offers various networking events for the applicant where the student can build strong networks for the future. The internship program offered to the applicants is paid. The salary assigned to the candidates is different for different roles and depends upon the location in which the internship is pursued. The average range of salary offered to the applicant is $27.75 for per hour. The company also intends to provide benefits to the students that include a transportation facility, free lunch, gymnasium, and corporate housing. The benefits offered by the company differ according to the location of the internship program.

The intern interested in working in Northrop Grumman will have a lot of choices in front of them. The applicant is eligible to gain practical experience, build a network, and can have growth opportunities. As soon as the candidate becomes an intern in the company, the student will start contributing towards a wide range of projects, some with high profiles and others with a low profile. The applicant will gain in-hand experience and the student can get a chance to discover new interests which the applicant is unaware that they know it. From technology, science, and engineering, there are many different career opportunities and the person can gain knowledge and experience in any of the fields. The internship in the company can be the first step towards a career and the student will set a new boundary for themselves. When the student is busy attaining the experience in the company, the applicant will also have the flexibility, support, and mentorship to become what the student can perform at its best.

Most of the internship program offered by the company is in the fall semester. The internship in the company can help the applicant to grab practical working knowledge that can make education come to life. The student will be performing some essential tasks and making a difference in the company immediately. The applicant can also turn out to be a full-time employee and can earn benefits like educational reimbursement and tuition assistance. As an intern in the company, the applicant will be working with the team members and defining what is possible to gain every day. From cyber, air, sea, and land to the expanse of space, the student will be connecting with the people in all areas and business units that provide exposure to mentorship and new projects from all levels of the organization. The company offers an internship program in every area. The company offers salaries to the hired interns, the student pursuing a bachelor‡s degree is paid differently and the applicant pursuing a master‡s degree is paid differently. The applicant who is working for a master’s degree is paid more as compared to a person who is grabbing to grab the master’s degree. The company hires interns from different backgrounds and different colleges and universities.

Meaningful Experience

The applicant with an interest in the aerospace industry can join the Northrop Grumman internship program. The company offers a well-round statement of work and makes sure that the applicant can get a chance to work on challenging, meaningful assignments and a broad exposure beyond the direct assignments. The assignment will provide a way to find inspiration and the student will build confidence to gain new heights in the company.


The Northman Grumman offers an internship program to every candidate whether the student is a high school student or a rising junior, sophomore, senior, or graduate. The company welcomes every student with keen interest.


1. Housing

Many students wonder where they will stay at the time of pursuing the internship program. But the interns of Northrop Grumman never feel worried as they are offered housing assistance. The applicant can stay comfortably in the place which is offered to them by the company.

2. Competitive Pay

The company offers competitive pay to talented candidates. The payment provided to the applicants is determined by the role they perform or is decided according to the qualification. The average salary offered to the student is $27.75 per hour. It is higher for students who are graduates and lesser for undergraduate students.

3. Professional Knowledge

The student while working as an intern in the company will gain professional knowledge. The applicant can learn new things in a fast-paced working environment. The knowledge gained by the student at the time of the internship program can be used further in the future.

4. Technical Skills

The student selected for the internship program will have the opportunity to gain technical skills by working alongside the engineers and can learn the technology that is related to space.

5. Other Benefits

The organization also intends to provide benefits to the applicants that include a free lunch, transportation facility, gymnasium, and corporate housing.

The article clearly stated the internship offered by the Northrop Grumman can help to gain practical working experience. The company provide benefits, experience and knowledge in different major areas. The internship opportunity provided to the candidates is paid. The company offers competitive pay to the candidate that depends on the location in which the internship is pursued. The average range of salary offered to the applicant is $27.75 per hour. The pay scale also varies from one type of qualification to another type of qualification.