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Johnson And Johnson Internship Salary

Johnson and Johnson is an American Corporation that was founded in 1886 that develops pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer packaged goods. Johnson and Johnson is one of the world‡s most prestigious companies and is one of only two that is based in the United States. An internship is a short duration course that is offered by companies to young and aspiring candidates to attain working knowledge and experience in a particular field or area. An internship is the right way to put the classroom knowledge to practice. By pursuing an internship program, the applicant will gain experience, add value to the resume, and learn new skills. Johnson and Johnson is the most prestigious company in the world and is always a hub for many students who pursue job and internship programs over here. Intern at the time of applying for any of the internship programs searched a lot about the company‡s, infrastructure, amenities, and competitive salary. Similarly, In the case of the Johnson and Johnson Internship program, many students are always worried about the intern salary.

According to estimates based upon statistical methods, the typical Johnson and Johnson Intern salary are $21. The intern salary at Johnson and Johnson can range from $14-$24, this depends on the type of internship being pursued by the applicant.


The company offers various benefits to the interns and encourages people around the world to join the team and create a truly inclusive space where you belong. Some of the benefits offered by the company are too good that they are not offered by any other company. The company provides paid time off, sick leaves, and an amazing working environment where the applicant can grow professionally and personally.

At the time of working as an intern at Johnson and Johnson, the person will have a chance to work on vital initiatives and assignments, the applicant will gain the hands-on experience that will help the student to grow. As a part of the young and dynamic team, the student will apply the skills set in the collaborative and supportive environment and will contribute towards the projects that make measurable, and a real-world impact at the time of the internship program.

There are numerous opportunities to do. The student will apply the skills in a collaborative and supportive environment and will interact with teams and leaders across the world-class organization. The applicant can contribute in different areas, as the company has opportunities in engineering, marketing, research and development, customer development, human resources, supply chain and operations, finance, and technology.

Reason for Joining the Johnson And Johnson Internship Program

1. Investment In Your Future

The applicants in the company come from all around the world and are the most important asset for the company. The company provides many opportunities to students so that they can develop, innovate new products and medicine and try to improve the lives of communities everywhere.

The company offers a culture of development and learning, a structural approach to leadership development, and all the other ways to unlock human potential.

The intern feels safe and performs best every day, the company prioritizes the work-life balance and mental health of the interns and ensures everyone that they have the resources and support that they need.

2. Mobility And Flexibility

Johnson and Johnson is the world‡s largest healthcare company that comprises applicants from all over the world. Once, the intern joins Johnson and Johnson, the applicant has access to a breadth of opportunities that you cannot find anywhere else.

It is not compulsory to move on the same trajectory path, which means if the intern is working for some other degree in college or university, but now wants to gain experience in some other field then the student can go for that. And this kind of mobility and flexibility is available in Johnson and Johnson. The student can work for changing roles and this is the best part of working at Johnson and Johnson. The applicant can build new relationships and can learn about the entirely new field and technology space and still stay in the same company.

3. Positive Global Impact

The internship program not only offers the opportunity but also allows applicants to create a difference. The student selected for the program provides maximum support to the company and provides measurable change to the future of health for good.

At Johnson and Johnson, the student will be able to step up, step in, and immediately contribute to projects that will positively impact people‡s lives.

4. Inclusive And Diverse Culture

The company tries to bring people together with diverse opinions, background experiences and is a key to unlocking innovations. And this is how the company changes the future of health for a better purpose.

The applicant after engaging in the internship program will find that the team reflects equitable, diverse, and inclusive students. The company tries to build a culture where everyone feels at home and the applicant can be authentic self when you join the Johnson and Johnson, team.

5. A Wealth of Interest

It does not matter what are the interest, skill set, and area of expertise is of the student, the thing that matters is the company offers many opportunities to the student to make a real-world impact at Johnson and Johnson. The applicant will find a role that will enable the candidate to help people all over the world so that all the people can lead healthy and happy lives.

Pursuing an internship at Johnson and Johnson can be very beneficial for the student and other persons also. According to estimates done by the statistical techniques. the typical Johnson and Johnson Intern salary are $21. But if estimates are to be found then the intern salary at Johnson and Johnson can range from $14-$24, this depends on the type of internship being pursued by the applicant. The student can gain knowledge and at the same time can earn for the future purpose.