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La Times Internship

Do join an internship program offered by the most prestigious company in the United States. La Times is proudly looking for candidates who can join the company and add stars to the company‡s fortune. La Times is also known as Los Angeles Times. The company always offers many internship programs to aspiring candidates. The program offered by the company is for the summer semester and the person is required to devote 10 weeks and must commit 40 hours per week if the person is interested in committing 20 hours per week then the applicant is required to commit 20 weeks instead of 10 weeks. The internship program is specially designed to provide candidates with skills, tools, and related experience that can be readily used in future challenges and professional pursuits. The company expects many things from hired interns. The student will have a varied, challenging, and diverse environment and make be used to contribute to the organization. The applicant selected for the program must be at least 18 years old or more than that. Candidates less than the age required are not allowed to apply for the program. The student must be successfully enrolled in an accredited college or university and must be obtaining the degree in the required area.

The company welcomes all kinds of students who have demonstrated academic excellence and must have displayed a sense of equality. The company intends to provide the preference to United States residents, but applicants from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply for the internship program. The person once engaged in the program is supposed to perform some of the tasks to grow professionally in their career and can gain new skills. The person must be working a degree in law or any other similar coursework. The intern‡s duties are based on the needs of the company and the student‡s level of experience. The company place interns throughout the Los Angeles Time that include Business, Lifestyle, Editorial Pages, Arts, Sports, Entertainment, and Graphics. This internship program is specially designed for those who possess an interest in working with senior journalists. The internship program is paid and placement will run through June to August. The company is not offering internships for the fall semester. The candidate must possess time management skills and an ability to learn new and innovative things eagerly. The student must possess some relevant experience and other skills that may include communication and technological skills. The right fit for the company will have a chance to work for a full-time journalist. The applicant must possess a basic understanding of the work and are expected to hit the ground running. The student must possess some previous working experience.

The Los Angeles Times is a newspaper that was started publishing in Los Angeles in 1881 and is now the biggest and most popular newspaper that is based in the adjacent suburb of El Segundo, California. It is the fifth-largest circulation in the United States and is the largest American newspaper that is not headquartered on the East Coast. The newspaper tries to focus its coverage on issues particular to the West Coast, such as natural disasters and immigration trends. The ownership of the paper is controlled by Patrick Soon-Shiong, and the executive editor is Norman Pearlstine. The newspaper is considered as a newspaper of record in the United States. The paper moved out of the historic downtown headquarters to a facility in El Segundo, California that is near Los Angeles International Airport in July 2018.


A chance to work with the senior journalist, what can be more beneficial than that. Other than that the student can get an opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment. The student will also be offered paid time off, sick leaves, and competitive pay.


Reporting Internship

  • Work under the guidance of a senior editor.
  • Help in story ideas.
  • Map the story ideas.
  • Execute it and receive regular feedback.

Data and Graphics Internship

  • The student must work in a team to complete the projects and with other newsroom staffers.

Photo and Video Internship

  • Perform assignments in the field.
  • Complete the tasks with the journalist.

Multiplatform Editing Internship

  • Needs to edit data or news.
  • Perform features copy desks.

Digital and Engagement Internship

  • Work with the news desk team.
  • Manages the home page.
  • Work with the audience engagement team.

Audio Internship

  • Produce episodes for the flagship daily podcast.
  • Maintaining the organization‡s studio.
  • Working to increase and promote business.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Internship Eligibility

  • The starting age of the person is 18 years.
  • The applicant must be currently pursuing the degree as an undergraduate or graduate degree towards any other related major.
  • The right fit for the company is someone eligible to work in the United States.
  • The graduates must qualify if they can finish school within six months of the start of the internship program.
  • The internship is for students who have not worked professionally as a staff journalists.
  • The applicant is interested in pursuing visual journalism and for reporting internships must have a valid driver‡s license and access to a car, the car must be in good working condition.
  • The applicant must possess some previous working experience.
  • The student must know how to operate a computer and must possess working knowledge of computer-related software.
  • The candidate must possess brilliant communication skills both verbally and in written form.


The company is offering an internship program to work in El Segundo, California, headquarter. The company also welcomes applicants in Washington, D.C, bureau, or on occasion in Sacramento. The company is offering an internship program for the summer semester.

Duration of Internship

The La times internship program will begin in June and will continue till August. The duration of the summer internship program is 10 weeks. The entire internship program is a total of 400 hours, so the applicant can commit 40 hours per week for approximately 10 weeks or they can also commit 20 hours per week for approximately 20 weeks.

How to Apply

The easiest method to apply for the internship program is to click mentioned below. The candidate applying for the program will be redirected to the main page where the applicant will find all necessary details. The student is required to submit a cover letter, resume, a copy of a valid driving license. The applicant is also required to provide documents related to experience and qualification.

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