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Johnson And Johnson Research And Development Internship

Johnson and Johnson are proudly offering internship programs to aspiring candidates. The student after getting selected for the program will gain real-life hands-on experience, networking opportunities, coaching and mentoring, and a great chance to meet people from various schools throughout the country. The organization is planning to hire more than 150 interns across different functional roles within Research and Development. The company will offer a single function to the hired intern and the function must be performed under a specific project. The internship program offered by the company is for a four-month duration. The applicant here will be inspired, and in turn, the applicant will inspire other people across the world. The candidates can use the acquired skills to benefit others. The student will use new technology methods to gain experience and to create a new change for the future. The minimum age required for the program is 18 years, and the applicant is required to work bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degree and a minimum of 2.8 GPA is required. The person can grab a degree in engineering, supply chain, data science, information technology, business, or coursework that is related to these areas.

The internship tends to begin in May and will continue till August. But some of the team are required to extend the duration of the internship program. The internship program offered by the company is remote but some of the critical roles will require relocation and the applicant is required to stay onsite to successfully carry out the work assigned. The best part of the internship program is that the applicant will be provided with mentorship and a chance to build endless networking opportunities within the assigned team. The applicant selected for the program needs to commit full-time and is required to work 40 hours per week. The company determines the pay rate according to the qualification. For undergraduate sophomores, it is $21 and for junior or senior it is $23 to $24.50 per hour. The position is overtime eligible which means if someone is interested in working more than 40 hours then the person can do so. The applicant is required to complete the tasks as assigned by the senior members. The company is offering the internship program in multiple locations. The experience gained by the person can be used for future purposes. The internship areas include drug development, cell therapy, automation, and clinical pharmacology. The responsibility assigned to the student revolves around taking part in the analysis and research, observing the industry, providing a helping hand in surveys and experiments, exploring new theories and give an attempt to create a useful model out of it, develop more innovative system and design, and present findings for evaluation. The tasks assigned to the student can vary and other tasks may also be assigned.

Johnson & Johnson, commonly called as J&J is an American corporation that was founded in 1886. The headquarter of an organization is in New Jersey, New Brunswick, and the consumer division being located in Skillman, New Jersey. The company was established to develop pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer packed goods. The company was ranked on number 36 on the 2021 fortune 500 list of the United States Corporation by total revenue. Johnson & Johnson is one of the world’ most prestigious companies, and is only one of the two United States based companies that has a prime credit rating of AAA, and that is higher than that of the United States government. Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical arm is Janssen Pharmaceuticals. The organization announced in November 2021 that it would split into two traded companies: one that is focused on pharmaceuticals and other is focused on consumer product.


The luring benefits one can gain is paid time off, sick leaves and a chance to perform work from home. The candidate can stay at home and can complete tasks. The interns are eligible for all the employee benefits, such as holiday pay, medical benefits, and in accordance with the terms of the applicable plans.


  • Maintain the data.
  • Reverting back to mails.
  • Brainstorm new and innovative ideas.
  • Perform all the related duties.
  • Taking part in the analysis and research.
  • Observe the industry.
  • Research and perform required development.
  • Manage all the files, documents and other clerical duties.
  • Must provide a helping hand in surveys and experiment.
  • Try to explore new theories and give an attempt to create a useful model out of it.
  • Develop more innovative system and design, and present findings for evaluation.
  • Create new content and communicate person available in team.
  • Other duties as assigned by the senior person.

Internship Eligibility

  • The minimum age required for the internship program is 18 years.
  • The person must be working towards the bachelor’s, masters or PhD degree.
  • The desired major for the program is engineering, psychology, marketing, finance and economics or any other similar major field.
  • The applicant must be legally authorized to work in the United States and must not require sponsorship for employment.
  • The minimum GPA required in degree program is 2.8 or more than that.
  • The person must possess the ability to demonstrate strong quantitative and analytical skills.
  • The applicant must possess excellent presentation, leadership, and communication skills.
  • The candidate must possess ability to manage multiple projects at a time and perform initiatives while executing the results.
  • The applicant must be a self-starter and must know how to independently while contributing towards the team goals.
  • The person must possess leadership and must participate in the campus programs and community service activities as desired.


The company is offering Research and Development internship at multiple location. Some of the locations include California, Florida, Los Angles, and San Diego. The person can stay in any of the location to grab the internship program.

Duration of Internship

The research and development internship is offered for four month duration. The applicant is required to commit 40 hours per week in order to gain proper experience. The internship program will begin in May and will end in August.

How to Apply

The opportunity can be gained by anyone but the student is student is required to apply for the program. The student must clink on the link, a new page will open in which the applicant can enter all the related details. The person must make sure that the details entered must be correct and updated.

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