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FDIC Internship

Be a part of the fastest growing sector and start working in the company as an intern. The applicant hired for the program is given proper training and provides valuable professional experience. The company is offering a financial institution intern program in which the applicant will gain knowledge by working on different projects. The program must possess individuals who are team-oriented with strong quantitative and analytical skills who also possess the ability to effectively communicate both in writing and orally. The age of the student must be 18 years in order to enroll as an intern. The person must be working in college or university towards a degree in economics, finance, accounting, business, or other related coursework. The applicant will get a chance to receive the payment when working in the company as an intern.

The person hired for the role will be engaged in different banking tasks that include gaining knowledge of evolving the issues that are faced in the banking industry will learning the in-depth banking laws and the regulatory procedures. The applicant will get a chance to work with professional and experienced FDIC members in order to ensure the institutions are following calm and composed banking practices. In the program, the applicant will get an opportunity to participate in the understanding of the supervisory proceedings and on-site bank examinations. The applicant selected for the program needs to complete each and every task in a timely manner and must collaborate with the team members. The person needs to complete the program in order to receive the stipend.

The FDIC, named Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, is considered as an independent agency that is created by Congress in order to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation‡s financial systems. The role of the company is to examine and supervise the financial institutions for soundness, safety, and consumer protection, ensure deposit and make complex and large financial institutions resolvable, and manage the receiverships.

Kick start the career and start working as an intern in the company. The person will receive experience and other relatable knowledge. All the Best!


The selected applicant is also eligible for the benefits that the employees are eligible for. Some of the benefits include competitive salary, travel expenses are reimbursable, health and medical insurance, sick leaves, and much more.


  • Create financial reports.
  • Assist the treasury department.
  • Research and analyze the specific project.
  • Selling various investment.
  • Work with the clients.
  • Help in financial planning area.
  • Creating annual, monthly, quarterly schedules.
  • Work with other general ledger accounts.
  • Assist in daily and important treasury operations.
  • Perform all the reconcilement of banking activities.
  • Perform all the reconcilement of cash applied.
  • Other duties as assigned by the financial manager.

Internship Eligibility

  • The applicant must be United States Citizen.
  • The student must be enrolled in the accredited in college or university to obtain the bachelor‡s degree program.
  • The applicant must be completing of the sophomore year with the major in finance, economics and accounting.
  • The student must successfully complete the FDIC‡s background investigation requirements.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years in age.
  • Must be registered with the Selective Service.


The program offered by the company is in Kanas City. The student is required to attend the program in Kanas City.

Duration of Internship

The duration of the post will depend upon the company, and the person needs to stay in the United States in order to complete the tasks.

How to Apply

It is easy to pursue the internship program as the student will hover on the link given below, fill in all the necessary details, and start working for the company.

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