Congressional Black Caucus Internship

Every time the students worry about the future, but it’s time to stop thinking and start working as an intern in the most prosperous company named Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF). The company provides an outstanding opportunity to the candidates in order to grab the best position after the completion of the internship. The student can work on multiple projects and thus can gain relevant working experience. The person who is securing one such position in the company needs to understand every little strategy and then work on the assigned projects. The company at present intends to offer your different types of internship programs that include the emerging leaders’ internship program, the congressional internship program, the communications internship program, and last but not least, pathways to C- suite internship program. The minimum age required for the program is 18 years, and the student must be obtaining the degree from a reputed college.

The applicant selected for the role needs to perform the tasks very efficiently and effectively. The person is eligible for scholarships for any prestigious public policy graduate program. The candidate who will complete the internship program will be actively recruited by the executive branch agencies that include the office of management and budget and the U.S. state department. The student will be adequate training and knowledge so that they can become professional leaders. The qualified candidates will be exposed to processes that will develop the national policies and implement them from Capitol Hill to federal field offices. The student will receive many benefits that each candidate wishes to have. The person must be hard-working, talented, and organized, and strong enough to tackle things individually.

CBCF, commonly named The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, is considered an American educational foundation. The institute is known for the different kinds of work it performs that include conducting research on issues that affect African Americans, sponsoring the issue forums, publishing the yearly report on the key legislation, and leadership scholarship and seminars. The company was established in 1976 by the members of the CBC, and the organization, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, began the journey as a non-partisan research institute. This was done to promote the African Americans’ involvement in the national political process.


As an intern in the company, the student will receive many benefits that include office placement, a stipend, a housing facility, a great chance to work and meet with all the professional leaders and legislators, and an opportunity to work in all the branches of the government.


  • Perform all the assigned work.
  • Research on multiple topics.
  • Connecting all the phone calls, and answering them.
  • Reverting back to all the emails.
  • Format the important documents and conduct the research.
  • Understand the situation and work to solve it.
  • Reconstruct all the information and maintain proper records.
  • Collect files, documents and other clerical duties.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Internship Eligibility

  • The post is open for the person with 18 years as minimum age.
  • The student must be young college student working to acquire the degree.
  • The candidate must be hard-working, bright and talented.
  • The student must possess strong communication skills.
  • The person must coordinate with other team members and work accordingly.
  • The applicant must know computer and how to use different software.


The company intends to provide the internship opportunity to those who reside in the United States, and the company will give the opportunity to work as an intern in the United States only.

Duration of Internship

The institute will give the opportunity to the selected candidates, and the students are supposed to complete the program and work in the company for the complete duration. The duration of the program is flexible.

How to Apply

The student wishing to grab the position is supposed to click the link mentioned below. The link will redirect to a new fresh page where all the required details must be filled in, and this is how one can apply for the open post.

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