Best Healthcare Analytics Internships

Healthcare analytics refers to the use of vast amounts of collected data to provide organizations with actionable insights. These insights are developed through analytical disciplines to drive fact-based decision-making. In turn, these decisions improve planning, management, measurement, and learning.

Internships give your insight into your dream industry, network, grow your practical knowledge and give you a competitive edge over your peers. So what does an intern do precisely? That depends on the industry in question and the kind of internship you are looking for.

The company wants to intern in healthcare analytics to accomplish the mission of Healthcare. The companies believe that the key to doing this is hiring the best and brightest who share the vision, passion, enthusiasm, and values. So do not miss the chance of getting an opportunity. All the Best!

Moda Internship

If someone is ready to make a difference that matters in health care, then the company wants to hear from those candidates. As an intern, the applicant will have the opportunity to work on building analytics-based solution that positively impacts the health and well-being of the members. The student will learn about how health insurance works and will serve as a resource to the Moda team to manage health care costs and improve quality. The position is only open for those currently working in an undergraduate or graduate program with a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

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National University Internship

Working as an intern at the National University is the best opportunity one can have. The interns have to work for a minimum of 12 hours and get a chance to work under the direct supervision of one or more experienced healthcare analytic specialists. The applicant has to conduct a supervised applied project related to health data management, health outcomes, and workflow in Healthcare. The duration of the course is two months. The university provides hands-on experience in the field. The right candidate for the university is pursuing a bachelor’s degree from a college or university.

Provided By: National University   Type: N/A Duration: 3 Months Deadline: Open Apply Now

HCA Healthcare Internship

HCA Healthcare offers interns a unique opportunity to learn and network with the best. So, take advantage of these opportunities to network, grow personally and professionally and gain real-world life skills for the future. The applicants have to provide services and support in various healthcare environments, from hospitals to physician practices to surgery centres all across the United States and beyond. In addition to the valuable work experience, interns gain during the internship program, and the applicants are also encouraged to take part in the many ways HCA gives back to the communities. The ideal candidate for the company is the one achieving a degree in health care analysis.

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Novartis Internship

The Novartis competitive ten-week summer internship program provides research training opportunities for top-tier students to gain research experience to enhance their career preparation. The interns are mentored by NIBR scientists passionate about patient-driven approaches and motivated to enhance students’ preparation for graduate and professional degree programs. The applicants are asked to perform tasks as instructed by the senior mentors. The broadest slate of talent is essential to the company, so the company encourages applications from talented individuals currently underserved in science and Healthcare.

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IBM Healthcare Internship

Applications are open for the IBM Healthcare Analytics Internship. The internship position is available in Healthcare and life science at IBM Thomas. IBM HealthCare Internship position requires daily interactions with group team members and potentially also with external collaborates. The candidate works accordingly as per instructions given by the seniors. The applicant gains a chance to work best in the related field. To apply for the internship student must be a graduate or undergraduate. Applicants should be friendly with technology like micro-systems, integrated sensors, drug discovery and wearable computing, and much other technology.

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Emerson Hospital Internship

Emerson Hospital‘s clerical internship is receiving applications for admission. The training is part-time and day shift. The applicant must be great-full to work with the company. To work with the company and related team members on critical areas of population health management, the applicant must possess excellent skills in the field. The candidate will collaborate with the staff and make records of patients, enter data into the database, mail the letter to the identified patient, and perform other duties as assigned from time to time. To apply for the internship applicant should have a high school diploma or degree in a related field. The intern must have skills in customer service, computer and maintain confidential information.

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COPE Health Solutions Internship

The company’s Health Analytics internship is hands-on, collaboratively designed through student’s interests, background, and experience in mind. During the training, interns will have the opportunity to incorporate work experience while additional technical and professional skills. Students have to perform activities like maintaining report tolls and client databases, creating scalable network utilization, and many other activities assigned by the seniors in the internship. Being a part of the internship candidate should be pursuing a master’s degree and should be friendly with MS Office and other technologies.  

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Wilmington Health Internship

Wilmington Health is providing an internship for students who are motivated, passionate, and eager to learn new things and work 15 to 20 hours a week. The candidate should be perfect with the work and actively participate in supporting decisions and accepting changes. The interns must perform their responsibility with perfection, like managing records for patients, interacting with patients and their families, managing chronic care management programs, and other duties directed by the supervisor. To take part in the internship, interns should be working in college and know computer technologies, aware of self-hazards and universal precautions to establish secure networks. The applicant should also have the skill in meditation and conflict resolution.

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