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Best Film Internships in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a sprawling Southern California city and the centre of the nation‡s film and television industry. Near its iconic Hollywood sign, studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal, and Warner Brothers offer behind-the-scenes tours. On Hollywood Boulevard, TCL Chinese theatre displays celebrities‡ hand-and footprints, the Walk of Fame honours thousands of luminaries, and vendors sell maps to stars‡ homes.

An intern will research topics using various sources such as the internet, assist production staff in developing relevant stories for television, film, and social media and run errands for a particular project. An internship in a new city can provide hands-on experience to help decide if launching a career in Los Angeles, California, is the right choice for you.

Take some time to look through the companies that are hiring film interns in Los Angeles, California, search and apply to the next film internship today!

Film and Television Composer Internship

The company offers a great opportunity for anyone who has the desire and skills to work in a busy scoring recording studio with an Emmy-winning composer. The ideal candidate is the one who has a good understanding of audio signal flow, cables, and recording hardware. As an intern, the applicant will assist in the work and will learn new techniques while working under the guidance of the seniors. The company offers a competitive environment to the candidates. To stand out from the crowd, one must meet the eligibility criterion that is enrollment in a college or university.

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Jim Henson Company Internship

Jim Henson Company is hiring interns for various academic interns. Working directly with JHC executives in the small department allows the intern a unique opportunity to interact with the staff, share their thoughts on material and form valuable relationships. The applicant must be available at least two days a week. It is an unpaid program for the candidate. Reading articles, books, and screenplays, writing coverage is the duties assigned to the intern by the seniors. The individual majoring in film, television, entertainment, media, and art can apply for the role.

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UNCW Internship

UNCW welcomes mission control for film studies internships. The interns gain real-world experience, discover new things, develop new skills, and learn from some of the top professionals in the field. The program can lead to employment after graduation. The opportunity can provide the applicant with contacts, referrals, and job recommendations which are crucial to landing the job of the dream. The applicants must note that the internship is for those students pursuing some speciality of film cinematography, casting, animation, documentary, and critical writing and publishing.

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Immortal Cinema International Internship

Immortal Cinema International is seeking to fill the intern positions. The intern works in a dynamic environment and helps the colleagues to fulfil the task assigned by the seniors. The applicant has to collaborate well with others currently attending the internship program. The program’s focus will be primarily on editing and developing projects and other works of non-fiction. The outstanding candidate is the one who is working as a student in the college or university. One must own a MacBook Pro laptop high powered PC to go for the post.

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SMU Internship

Upon attaining junior-level status, qualified students are encouraged to pursue internships that enable the applicant to work under the guidance of professionals in the motion picture, television, cable, and other electronic media industries. The program provides a valuable way for students to gain hands-on experience in the field and learn from industry professionals. At the end of the internship, the candidate must write a final report on the experience. Any student wishing to earn credit for an internship must be pursuing a film and media arts major and must obtain permission from the division‡s internship coordinator.

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Hasana Internship

Hasana is looking for film and video production interns to join the department. The company is committed to developing fun and productive work culture that is conducive to positive results. The primary role of the intern is to utilize the computer graphics and special effects for video post-production in accordance with the overall production concepts. The applicant must be eligible to receive school credit and commit to two-three days a week for three months. The ideal candidate is the one who is working to gain a degree in film, animation, arts, or other major fields from an accredited university or college.

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The Intern Group Internship

Give way to career by working as an intern in The Intern Group. The applicant’s role is to assist with props, lighting and general setup, and other production assistant duties. The outstanding interns are placed in film agencies, multimedia studios, news outlets, and everything in between. The high-quality television and film internship will make the individual stand out from the crowd in the competitive job market. From client relations and planning to technical editing and production, developing key industry skills are what will set interns apart from the competition. The candidates selected for the role are the ones who are working to achieve a graduation degree.

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Boston University Internship

Los Angeles offers opportunities found nowhere else in the United States for those students having an interest in any media experience in film, acting, and writing. The internship program is for undergraduate and graduate students in the fall and spring semesters has three tracks that give students the chance to study and work in the heart of the film, entertainment management, and law industries. The courses are taught by Boston University faculty and alumni who serve as mentors in and out of the classroom.

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