Two Sigma Internship

Two Sigma is recruiting interns for the summer semester. The program is designed to provide an experience that the applicant is not going to find anywhere. By working as an intern in the company the students can expect mentorship, visibility, professional skill-building, customized curriculum, and adventure. At present, the company is providing internships in two broad areas that include quantitative research and software engineering. All the applicants hired by the company are bonded by a passion for science, technology, and math and a desire to do impactful work. The company needs candidates with a minimum age of 18 years. The organization welcomes candidates from all the development levels to gain hands-on learning experience. The company is intended to provide the environment that provides individuals with the freedom to dig and innovate into unique and complex challenges.

By working as an intern the candidate will get experience and turn the theoretical knowledge into practical. The tasks assigned to the students will be completely different because the company is providing two internships. For the quantitative research, the person is asked to use the scientific method in order to develop the predictive investment model while pursuing the software engineering internship the applicant has to develop software and other infrastructure. To successfully the roles the person must be humble, detail-oriented, and passionate. The company is providing the internship with a fixed timetable in which the complete time is utilized in training the applicants and thus no time is wasted during the program.

Two Sigma Investment is a company that is based in New York City with a hedge fund that completely uses a different variety of technological methods that include machine learning, distributed computing, and artificial intelligence. All the work is done for its trading strategies. The organization is run by David Siegel and John Overdeck. The company is also known for the work it performs that includes data analysis, combining rigorous inquiry and invention to solve problems. The firm’s name was chosen to reflect the dual meaning of the word sigma. The company is growing broadly and in terms of business has reached a great height.

If you consider joining the company then there is no better place to start a career. Enroll as an intern and acquire the experience and learn under the guidance of senior members. Best of Luck!


The best benefit the applicant will get his lunch break, other than this the student will receive other benefits that include insurance, paid time off, sick leaves, a better working environment, and a chance to build a bright future.


Quantitative Research

  • Use scientific method to develop the predictive investment model.
  • Attend conference, participate in lecture, and taking insights.
  • Apply quantitative techniques.
  • Test world’s data record and other related theories.
  • Work for the overview of the market.
  • Use different tools for the best practices.
  • Conduct social outing with researchers.
  • Connecting phone interviews.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Software Engineering

  • Build software system and other infrastructure.
  • Perform cutting edge framework.
  • Manage enormous data sets.
  • Work for developing cloud computing technologies.
  • Use powerful academic concept and prepare new software.
  • Brainstorm new and innovative ideas.
  • Other tasks as assigned.

Internship Eligibility

  • The age required for the program is at least 18 years.
  • The individual must be enrolled in college or university as to get a BS, MS or PhD degree.
  • The working experience is not must but will be given preference.
  • The person must know how to use computer and some basic language for the software engineering internship.
  • The applicant must be humble, passionate and organized.
  • Must possess good communication skills and must possess strong command on the language.


The primary location of the company is in New York City, the person needs to travel in order to conduct the market survey.

Duration of Internship

The company is providing the internship in the summer with a fixed routine. The duration of the program can vary and will completely depend upon the company.

How to Apply

It is so easy to apply for the internship program, just simply click on the link given below and fill in the required details in the form very carefully.

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