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Titmouse Internship

Artistic Internship positions are now open in Titmouse. The candidate interested in the program must apply for the program before the given deadline. The company intends to provide the internship program to promising new talent who is interested in design, storyboarding, and animation. The hired student will be given practice assignments with the mentored and professional material by working professionals to create industry-standard work. The company is offering the internship program in the summer semester and will last a total of 216 hours. The applicant is required to commit 3-5 days a week that is based on the availability of the Titmouse team and the selected applicant. The internship program at Titmouse is unpaid and reserved for college students who will receive the school credit. The intern will be asked to attend the daily meetings of live production to see how the art director reviews work. After successful completion of the internship program, the student will be given a performance review by the candidate‡s assigned direct supervisor. The program is open for someone who is working to grab a bachelor‡s degree from a prestigious college or university in the United States. The minimum age criterion that must be followed by the applicant is 18 years or older than that.

The hired intern for the program must be bright enough to carry out the projects assigned by the mentor. The applicant will be given different kinds of design tests using all the professional materials and prompt to build an animation-related portfolio. The person is required to undergo all the tests and proper feedback will be given by the design supervisor or art director to learn what areas must be improved by the candidate. The applicant is required to attend meetings with different Titmouse employees to build a network and ask industry questions. The student must be smart enough to answer all the questions that are asked during the meetings. The applicant must be linguistic and must know how to communicate effectively with other team members. The candidate must be aware of the latest technology as well. To successfully carry out the internship program the applicant must possess an interest in arts and must be most creative. Creativity should be reflected in the projects and one must work hard to perform all the tasks on time. The candidate must be familiar with the animation process either through personal projects, through school, or previous experience.

Titmouse Incorporation is an American animation studio that produces and develops animated television programming, music videos, feature films, commercials, title sequences, and short films. The studio was opened in 2000 and has offices in New York City, Los Angeles, London, Vancouver, and Melbourne. Some of their productions include Baby Shark‡s Big Show and Breadwinners for Motorcity, Nickelodeon for Disney XD, The Midnight Gospel and Big Mouth for Metalocalypse, Superjail, and Netflix. The CEO and Founder Chris Prynoski began working at MTV in New York on shows such as Butt-Head, Beavis, and Daria, and his own creation, Downtown, which was nominated for a primetime Emmy Award. Prynoski opened a small T-Shirt company with his wife, Shannon Prynoski. After that, he moved towards animation and opened an animation studio. The company opened a games division in 2009.


Enrolling as an intern in the company can be very beneficial like the program offered is unpaid but the student is eligible for school credit. The company provides amazing benefits that can be used by the student to complete the tasks without much disturbance.


  • Support the overall mission of the department.
  • Help in communicating opportunities and events in the arts.
  • Work with gallery owner at artists.
  • Seek new opportunities both on and off-campus.
  • Assist in volunteering and preparation during Arts Weekend.
  • Make meetings announcements.
  • Help in developing and distributing arts-related promotional material.
  • Other related duties as assigned by the senior member of the company.

Internship Eligibility

  • The age needed to perform the tasks is 18 years or older than that.
  • The candidate must apply with a portfolio.
  • The applicant must be familiar with the animation process.
  • The student must show an interest in the areas that include personal projects, previous experience, or through school.
  • The candidate must be grabbing a bachelor‡s degree from a reputed college or university.
  • The person must be able to receive school credit for the internship.
  • The applicant must be able to commit at least 3 full days a week.
  • The student must possess working knowledge of computers that include Microsoft Office.
  • The person must possess strong written and oral communication skills.
  • The candidate must possess the ability to learn new things in a super cool environment.


The internship program offered by the company can be remote or in-person. The company wants students to apply for the internship without getting worried about the location of the internship program. If the student is seriously interested in working as an intern then the person stays in the United States and can complete the program on time.

Duration of Internship

Titmouse is offering an internship program on a remote basis. The internship program is offered to students is for 216 hours. The candidate is provided with the internship program in the summer semester. The applicant is required to commit at least 3-4 full days a week. The person must commit full-time duration to receive school credit.

How to Apply

The student seriously interested in attaining the internship program must apply for the program before the deadline. The student must apply with the portfolio. The link provided below can be used to apply for the internship program. One must submit a cover letter, a resume, qualification details, and other required details as asked in the application form. The portfolio submitted must be in the correct format other the application form will be rejected. The candidate must make sure that along with the portfolio other details must be correct too.

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