Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium Media Relations Internship

Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium Media Relations Internship

Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium is now hiring Media Relations Intern who will assist the Media Relations Coordinator overseeing all press box workers and equipment during the spring training and the Florida State League seasons.

Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium’s Media Relations Internship will start in January and conclude in August 2021. Jupiter, FL will be the primary work station for this position.

It will offer various great opportunities for those interested in developing exceptional communication skills and helping the company to build and maintain its public image.

Internship Location:

The program will reside in Jupiter, FL.


Internship Duration:

Media Relations Intern will work for 8 months.

Internship Benefits:

This program will provide a competitive salary.

Eligibility Requirements:

You must meet all the minimum requirements of Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium Media Relations Internship

  • Must be willing to work long hours, nights, weekends and holidays.
  • Must be willing to cooperate and work well with other areas of the organization.
  • Must have knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Photoshop.
  • Experience with Automated Scorebook and Photoshop video editing software is a plus.
  • Must be willing to complete the internship through mid-September
  • Must be able to interact and work closely with customers and present themselves in a professional manner.
  • Must be willing to work both in a team setting as well as an individual.
  • Must pass a drug test and criminal background check.

Eligible Country:

United States


How to Apply:

Online applications will only be considered.

Application Deadline:

The application deadline is open.

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