L’Oréal Marketing Internship

L’Oreal is providing an internship opportunity in the field of marketing. The company will provide the day to day activities to the students that will lead to a better future and allow them to work on strategic projects that will discover new and innovative ideas and help to gain relevant experience. The company intends to offer the space in which the applicant will explore that how things work. The person will gain the insights of the knowledge in order to become the senior leader. The company is providing the paid internship, and housing assistance will also be provided according to the company’s policies. The person will be engaged in different work, and the person needs to complete the tasks on time. The minimum age of the applicant must be at least 18 years. The candidate must be working towards a degree in college or university with any preferable major with a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

As an intern in the company, the person is engaged in a collaborative environment and work according to the senior marketing manager. The role of the applicant is to understand the compelling story with insight and data in order to provide the viable business recommendations that will present to the senior leaders through the individualized strategic projects. After the successful completion of the program, the person is supposed to acquire a full-time role in the company. The applicants need to work for the company for at least 11 successive weeks and gain practical knowledge. The selected candidate must hone presentation, leadership, strategic thinking, analytics, and building insights skills.

L’Oreal is a personal care French company that is headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, with the main and the registered office is in Paris. The organization is known as the world’s largest cosmetics company that has developed other important activities in the area of concentration in hair care, sun protection, skincare, make-up, and perfume. The company has six development and research centres that are located all around the world. The organization can turn out to be the best and right place to start a career and gain practical knowledge and achieve the related working experience. The company intended to offer the program without discrimination.


The cosmetic company is providing the benefits that include access to the company store that keeps the discount on the L’Oreal products and half-day program that is during the internship program the company offers a half-day on Friday, and other housing assistance.


  • Has to partner with marketing teams.
  • Network the cross functionally in order to learn the functions.
  • Develop business acumen from leading brand manager.
  • Communicate all the plans and the assumptions behind the supply chain.
  • Perform brand owing and work for the digital marketing, ecommerce, and other data analytics work.
  • Person strategic thinking and build the insights skills.
  • Diagnose the project and ensure the forecast improvement.
  • Prepare all the written documentation and analyses it and other important data for the quality that requires no or minimal supervision.
  • Other duties as assigned by the senior members.

Internship Eligibility

  • Age of the student must be at least 18 years.
  • Enrollment is essential in college or university to obtain the bachelor’s degree in business administration.
  • Must possess strong interest in Microsoft Office, Suite and other software.
  • Must possess strong organization skills and strong attention to detail.
  • Must possess the ability to diagnose the things and solve them appropriately.
  • Having prior experience in the relevant field is considered for the role.


The company is providing internship opportunities in different cities of the United States that include New York, New Jersey, and California. The post provided by the company will provide experience in order to deal with future problems.

Duration of Internship

The applicant is supposed to for 11 weeks in the company, and the program offered by the company is paid. The person has to complete the program for a better understanding of the program and in order to learn new things.

How to Apply

It is very easy to apply for the position; the applicant needs to click on the given link, and it will redirect to a fresh page on the web browser. The candidate needs to fill in all the required details and upload the required documents.

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