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Data Science Internship Questions

Internships is considered as a course for a short duration of time and that is done to gain practical working experience. Data Science is a field that uses scientific processes, methods, systems, and algorithms to extract insights and knowledge from structured, noisy, and unstructured data. The student interested in the stream is required to apply the actionable insights and knowledge from data across a broad range of application domains. As the world is growing and everything is getting complex and connected with others, data scientists makes the sense of all the data. With constant innovations in machine learning and big data, demand for a data scientist is increasing at an alarming rate. Many students prefer to pursue the internship program to gain practical knowledge. Many companies provide data science internship programs to talented candidates. The student is required to go through different phases and one such phase is the interview round. Most of the students face problems while facing the interview.

The main reason behind that is they are not prepared beforehand, as they are unaware of the fact which question will be asked to them and how they have to respond to the answers. In this article, we are discussing some of the questions that can students secure the perfect place and can gain knowledge.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

The first question that can be asked from any interviewer is how you are going to describe yourself? The reason behind asking such a question is the department wants to know about you other than what is written in your resume.

This is the general question that is asked by an interviewer, the reason for asking this question is that the interviewer wants to get to know you they are interested in knowing how you will create value for the company’s business. Try to answer very beautifully like mention all the relevant skills and accomplishments, as well as any other qualification that you will bring to the role. Make sure that your answer is short and sweet, and feel free to speak about any particular hobby or talent that make you different from the crowd.

2. What Motivates You?

This question is a kind of behavioral interview question, by asking this question they are trying to find out what makes you the best and whether their company can turn out to be motivating environment or not. While answering the question discuss why you were drawn to data science and what drives you daily. Give the authentic answer and do not mix things as this will create chaos and the chance of getting selected will reduce.

3. Why We Should Hire You?

Every hire is a major risk to the company because an inappropriate candidate joining the organization can lead to the loss of the company’s reputation and growth. The Human Resource keeps in mind that the candidate they are hiring must be intelligent and qualified enough to take the company to the next level of development.

In such types of questions asked by the interviewer, you must show your keen interest in the data science internship and company. Just let them know that this is the best chance for you and you are willing to do this. Tell them about your skills related to data science and past experience if any. Each applicant applying for the position is better in some or another part, but what makes you different is that what they want to know. Impress them by saying that you are going to help in the welfare of the company and can complete the task promptly and will maintain all the data according to the company’s needs.

Flexibility, Punctuality, and some other qualities can help you to achieve the position. If you are a fresher then also you can make them assure that you will fulfill the duties properly and will never let down the company.

4. Which Data Scientists Do You Admire Most And Why?

Great data scientists know very well how to deal the way around with the data, but they also stay updated on the latest industry names and trends. By asking such type of question the employer wants to know whether you are aware of the names or not and they also want to check whether you know what is going on in the data science sphere. In your answer mention the names of one or two industry titans, and share how they have impacted the industry. You can turn out this as an opportunity to share a bit about what drives you.

5. Explain Resampling Ideas And Why They Are Useful.

As you are applying for the data science internship you must be able to give practical and specific examples of how you will analyze data in particular situation situations and this will be an integral part of the interview. Make sure to study all the different methods of data collection along with their pros and cons. At the time of asking the question, the interviewer wants to know whether you will be a perfect fit for the company or not because if you do not have any knowledge related to the field then hiring you will not be a good choice for the company.

6. How This Internship Is Going To Help You?

The company is providing an internship to you and that too is at its own cost because they are creating an asset for future purposes. The company will give you this position only when they will think that it is beneficial for you and you are going to learn many things and help in the hikes of the company. If they anyhow found that you are not an appropriate person they will not consider you.

You can start the answer by saying that this internship will help you to evaluate your inherent abilities and potential. You can tell them that it is a best way to move forward to get practical working experience in the renowned company. You can enlarge the answer by saying that the internship is a part of the career that will help you to find more about your strengths and weaknesses.

Make sure that you not only say those things that are beneficial for you, inform that you are also going to work for the benefit of the company. If they are going to train you then you are also working for the fortune of the company.