Woman Lost NASA Internship

The internship is a course that is offered by the company in order to gain practical working experience, and the student will get the experience that cannot be found anywhere. The working period in an organization can be for a limited time duration. The internship program can be further considered as a professional experience. Getting an internship at NASA is like a dream come true, and everyone wants to be a part of the NASA organization. NASA organization always finds ways to hire candidates who are innovative and possess strong skills. It will be so sad if someone loses an internship at NASA. It is even sadder when the program is lost from the hands after getting the internship program at the organization.

According to recent news, a woman named Naomi lost the NASA Internship. In an age where everyone wants to share everything on social media, and sometimes we forget to think before posting anything on social media. The woman was so happy after getting the internship position at NASA. And in that excitement, she tweeted bad and abusive language on her tweet. On that, the former NASA engineer and member of the National Space Council tweeted about the language used by Naomi. The woman was unaware of the Homer Hickam, and after reading his tweet, she replied in the worst manner, which resulted in the loss of the internship program at NASA. Naomi, who claims to be 21 years old, was left red-faced when she got to know that Homer Hickam is the former engineer of the National Space Council that oversees NASA.

At present, the Twitter account of Naomi is private. Hickam, on his blog, addressed that the after acknowledging that she has lost her internship has nothing to do with me as I cannot hire or fire at the agency or cannot say anything about the employment whatsoever. He also stated that losing the internship was due to the NASA hashtag her friends used that was called the agency’s attention too long after my comments were gone. The 75 years old engineer said that he did not complain to NASA and never wanted to get her in trouble. The engineer shows the greatest condolence to Naomi. He also looked at the resume of Naomi and said that she is eligible to have a job in the space industry. At present, Hickam has deleted all the blog post and Twitter account in the wake of the controversy. NASA has no comment on the issue, and Hickam said that the space agency told him that there is no black mark on Naomi’s record and she can reapply for a further position in the company in the future.