Vera Institute of Justice Internships

Enroll as an intern at Vera Institute of Justice. The company is providing an internship program to extraordinary students. The company aims to provide internships so that the student can gain relevant work experience. The student is offered four different types of internship programs. The student must be smart enough so that they can tackle each and every little work. The applicant must be hardworking and is required to complete the work on time. The internship provided by the company includes a federal policy intern, outreach intern, research intern, and design intern. The student selected for the program must be required to be at least 18 years old. The qualification needed for the internship program is different depending upon the type of internship being pursued, but the student must be working to acquire the degree from a reputed college or university.

The person engaged in any of the internship programs is required to perform some essential duties that are required to be completed on time. The applicant must put every little effort in order to complete the tasks. If the student is interested in working as a federal intern, then the intern will work with the federal policy team in order to advance the current priorities of the institute and team. If interested in working as an outreach intern, then the applicant will support the wide array of projects that are needed for the backyards. The student working for research intern will be responsible for the team’s FOIL collection efforts of the jail data across New York State. And, if the student is interested in pursuing the design intern, then the student is responsible for the company’s social media and digital designs. The work performed must be done in such a manner that it helps in the growth of the company.

The Vera Institute of Justice was founded in 1961 that is considered an independent nonprofit of the national research and the policy organization in the United States. The company is based primarily in New York City. The company also has offices in Washington, DC. The company describes the goal as to tackle the most pressing injustices of the day, from the consequences and causes of racial incarceration, mass incarceration, and the loss of the public trust in the law enforcement, to the unmet needs of the vulnerable, the marginalized and the harmed violence and crime.


It does not matter which internship the student is pursuing; each student is eligible for the benefits that include paid time off, sick leaves, a flexible working schedule, and most importantly, a super cool environment with every facility.


Federal Intern

  • Work with the federal policy team.
  • Advance the current priorities of the institute and team.
  • Sweep or research the title specific to the online news coverage and reaction.
  • Provide the assistance with the data collection and the research.

Outreach Intern

  • Build the database of the state level and county policies, key dates and stakeholders.
  • Research the existing and emerging reform the models for the blueprinting.
  • Manage and submit the public records request as required.
  • Track the local jail expansion and construction projects.

Research Intern

  • Follow up with the phone and email in order to ensure the accurate on time data collection.
  • Record the communication and other data collection process.
  • Submit the FOIL request via online form, mail and emails.

Design Intern

  • Lay out the fact sheets, briefs and research reports.
  • Create the blog content.
  • Work closely with the narratives and create the design for the company’s site.

Internship Eligibility

  • The age must be at least 18 years in order to pursue the internship program.
  • The student must be working in college or university and working to grab the degree.
  • The person must be working as Illustrator.
  • The applicant must possess the knowledge of Microsoft Suite and Office.
  • The student is required to be humble, brilliant and intelligent.


The company intends to provide the internship program in New York. The student is required to stay in New York in order to get the experience of the internship program.

Duration of Internship

The student is required to work for 20 hours per week in the company. The student needs to work for the company’s welfare.

How to Apply

The person can click on the link, and the student can work as an intern in the company. The person is required to fill in all the necessary details, and the student can grab the position easily.

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