Brain Corp Research & Development Machine Learning Internship

Brain Corp Research & Development Machine Learning Internship

Brain Corp is currently offering the possibility of a summer internship in the field of machine learning. This program will serve you well if you have talent with fresh ideas and cutting-edge skills and passion for the robotics industry.

This position requires you to be able to work at least 4 months throughout the summer. As a part of this program, you will provide support to Brain Corp’s research & development team on machine learning and AI projects.

This program contains wonderful benefits such as casual fun work environment, free food, business-focused project and potential for career growth. Joining this role will surely provide you a taste of the actual professional life in a particular field before you go to a full-time job.

Brain Corp is a technology company based in San Diego, CA. It was co-founded in 2009 by world-renowned computational neuroscientist, Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, and serial tech entrepreneur, Dr. Allen Gruber. The company is specialized in the development of intelligent, autonomous navigation systems for everyday machines.


Internship Location:

Interns will be placed in San Diego, California-based office.

Internship Duration:

The length of this program is 4 months.

Internship Benefits:

The program offers:

  • A casual fun work environment
  • Food, sodas, and snacks
  • Business-focused projects that will challenge you
  • Potential for career growth
  • Mentorship from top professionals
  • Networking opportunities

Eligibility Requirements:

You should meet the following requirements:

  • Able to work onsite in San Diego for the entire summer
  • Passionate about robotics and software engineering
  • Possesses a good bedside manner
  • Have lots of energy for getting stuff done
  • Have experience in python and/or C++ in a Linux environment

Eligible Country:

Both local and international students can apply.

How to Apply:

Fill out an online application form that must include your resume and cover letter.

Application Deadline:

The applications are currently open.

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