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ATF Internship

ATF is feeling proud to offer an internship program to the future generation of the world. The person hired by the company will get a chance to collaborate with experienced members and other staff in order to deliver the best for the growth of the future. The program is specially designed to provide the candidates with a wide variety of educational courses and other important knowledge. The person will be paid at the time of the work. The company also provides a chance to work as a full-time employee in the company after the successful completion of the training program. The organization needs students with a minimum age of 18 years. The current student in a high school, college, or university student, advanced degree program scholar, or other educational institute students can go for the internship program.

The company is known for the internship program that is always quite challenging and is administered by the hiring agency. The person can be asked to work part-time and full-time. The working condition offered by the company is quite friendly and each and person is always ready to help other in order to establish better products. The applicant can be asked to perform various work that includes answering calls, keeping records, track of information, and maintaining documents. All the work done by the candidate is related to the academic career goals or the field of study being pursued. The company is interested in hiring students with strong orientation, attention to detail, and innovation. The candidate must know how to complete the tasks on time. The person can be performed for a limited time period. The applicant is needed to complete the program.

The company ATF is a law agency in the United States’ department of Justice. The agency is dedicated to protecting the communities from criminal organizations, violent criminals, trafficking of firearms, and the illegal use of the bombings, storage of explosives, illegal usage of alcohol and tobacco products. The company is dedicated to partner with industries, public safety agencies, communities, and law enforcement in order to safeguard the public. This is all done through training, research, information sharing, and the use of technology.


During the internship program, the candidate is applicable for all the benefits that are provided to the full-time employee. The list of benefits includes mental, dental, and health care insurance, flexible working schedule, paid time off, and other benefits that are not available anywhere.


  • Engage in the discussion of the topic.
  • Raise concern with the site supervisor.
  • Carry out the activities and other responsibilities.
  • Answering phone calls.
  • Maintaining documents, files and records.
  • Keeping track of information.
  • Assist and contribute with the team.
  • Perform clerical duties and managing social media accounts.
  • Handling events.
  • Perform research and work accordingly on projects.

Internship Eligibility

  • Must be at least 18 years in age for enrollment.
  • Must be humble, quiet and talented.
  • Must be working to obtain the graduate or undergraduate degree from accredited college or university, working in any educational institute.
  • Must possess the skills that include both communicational and technical.
  • Must possess strong academic records.
  • Prior working experience and deep understanding of the subject and the type of internship being pursued.
  • Must know to work in a team and independently.


The location for the internship program is in United State. The program offered is for both part-time and full-time

Duration of Internship

The company is dedicated to providing the program for a limited time duration. The working hours may vary and it will completely depend upon the type of internship being pursued.

How to Apply

For you, it is so easy to enroll as an intern in the company. For this you need to click on the link mentioned below, this will take you to a page on which all the details must be filled properly.

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