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Sesame Workshop Internships

Sesame Workshop is now hiring an eligible student in the company in order to pursue the internship program. The selected applicant will gain hands-on learning experience and will work for the all-around development of the company. At present, the company is selecting interns for three different internship programs. The training program offered by the company is as follows: US social impact grad intern, social impact operations intern, and digital production intern. The candidate will work in a collaborative environment and has to complete the program. The schedule of the program offered by the company is flexible. The individual must be self-motivated, talented, and innovative in nature. The eligible person for the position must be at least 18 years old or elder than that. The student must be pursuing a degree from college or university in the desired field.

The applicant hired for the program needs to perform some special duties that are different for different internships. The person engaged in the US social impact grad internship has to provide marketing support by implementing and creating new ideas, campaigns, and social media initiatives. If someone is working as a social impact operations intern, then the person has to assist with the holidays mailing order, implementations, and organize the premiums and supplies. And for the digital production internship, the person has to assist in the production of the light coding, analytics, database and graphic work. The individual must be hard-working, team-oriented and reliable. All the program offered by the company is for the fall semester, and the student must be available in the United States. The applicant hired in any of the programs will be guided by the seniors, and the seniors will help them in every manner.


The sesame workshop is known for the benefits it provides to the student. The person is eligible for the benefits that include paid leaves, sick leaves, paid time off, insurance benefits, flexible working schedule, collaborative working environment and many other such benefits.


US Social Impact Grad Intern

  • Support the U.S. Social Impact Project Management team.
  • Reporting and performing the online research on the topics related to the projects.
  • Provide informative and professional PowerPoint presentation that supports the department.
  • Attend all the related meetings and focus on the groups to take the noted and observe it.
  • Assist in the office administrative tasks such as creating folder, keeping sesame inventory, making copies and other tasks.

Social Impact Operation Intern

  • Format all the necessary document that include reaction memo, press breaks and reviews.
  • Assist with the holiday mailing implementation, organize and order the premiums and supplies.
  • Assist with the filing, printing, and moving and travel.
  • Conduct the desk research and present the result in the easily digestible and project relevant matter.
  • Draft the clever short social copy on the early childhood education and development and the Sesame’s launches.
  • Support and shadow the internal meeting, note taking, and assist the presentation.

Digital Production Intern

  • Production the assistance such as light coding, analytics, database, and the graphics work.
  • Web content the updates using both the Word Press CMS and Drupal.
  • Occasional concepts of the brainstorming or copywriting for the digital initiatives.
  • Perform on the research for the various projects ranging from the competitive landscape to the potential digital vendors.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Internship Eligibility

  • The age required for the program is 18 years or more than that.
  • The applicant must be understanding in nature and working towards to get the degree in the related in major.
  • The person must possess strong communication and technical skills.
  • The individual must be innovative and brilliant.
  • The student must possess the ability to complete the work on time.


All three internships provided by the company is in New York. The person must stay available in New York in order to complete the work.

Duration of Internship

The length of the program varies depending upon the type of internship program the applicant is pursuing. The person is required to work flexible hours.

How to Apply

The student interested in working as an intern in the company has to fill the application form and work for the complete duration in the company. The person is required to submit all the necessary documents along with all that.

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