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Paper Magazine Internship

Paper Magazine is looking for fantastic candidates for the company in order to pursue the internship program. The company provides many opportunities to eligible candidates. The main aim of the internship program is to offer a hands-on learning experience in the company. The company at present has two different types of internship programs for the applicant. One post is for a social media internship, and the other is for a graphic design internship. Both internship programs are designed to provide real-world experience to the students. The candidates are supposed to provide the best to the company. The student must be at least 18 hours per week. The person is supposed to perform every essential duty in the organization under the guidance of the senior mentor.

The student is required to perform all the duties according to the type of internship being pursued. Some of the essential tasks include printing paper, mailing to the clients, managing the documents and maintaining the records. The student is interested in pursuing the internship in social media, then the duties that must be performed are organizing the digital assets, writing the social copy. The selected intern will work directly with the editorial team in order to develop the social media calendar. If the applicant is interested in working towards the graphic design internship, then the student is supposed to develop the digital assets across the website and other social media channels. All the students selected for any posts must possess experience in Adobe Creative Suite. The applicant must be hard-working, innovative and brilliant. The student must be proficient in computer language and other communication skills. The person must be a graduate student working towards a degree from any college or university.

Paper Magazine is a New York City-based magazine that focuses on popular culture, fashion, music, art, nightlife and film. The company was founded in 1984 by David Hershkovits and Kim Hastreiter. The former editor at the company SoHo Weekly News, with the help of Richard Weigand and Lucy Sisman, helped in the foundation of the company. The company started its journey with the monthly print magazine in the form of a black and white fold-out of 16 pages; it has transformed into the quarterly print and digital magazine.


All the companies provide some benefits to the inter. Here, the company provides benefits that include paid time off, sick leaves, great compensation, and an environment that is very calm and comfortable so that the applicant can work in the company without any disturbance.


Social Media

  • Organizing the digital assets.
  • Writing the social copy.
  • Develop the social media calendar.
  • Work with the social media sites.

Graphic Design

  • Develop the digital assets.
  • Work with the social media channel.
  • Research and design the content for the websites.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Internship Eligibility

  • The age limit for the program is 18 years.
  • The person must be working towards the bachelor‡s degree from any reputed college or university.
  • The applicant must be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite.
  • The person having prior working experience will be given preference.
  • The student must possess the knowledge of social networking sites.
  • The candidate must be brilliant, diligent and intelligent.


The organization intends to provide an internship program in the United States. The student is supposed to stay in the United States for the successful completion of the program.

Duration of Internship

The duration of the internship provided by the company is flexible, and the hours for the program is not decided.

How to Apply

The best way to work for the internship program is to click on the link given below, the page will redirect to the new page, and the student is required to enter all the details. The person must make sure that all the details must be entered accurately.

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