How to Get Late Summer Internships

How To Get Late Summer Internships

Summer is at its peak. But wait. It’s not yet over. If you are worried that you haven’t applied for an internship due to a busy study schedule and semester examinations, then there is good news for you. You CAN still apply for the summer internships waiting for your application. Yes, there are many companies in the USA that are posting new internships now and have a vacancy for the previous ones too.

So what are you waiting for? You do have a chance to snag some of the last-minute summer internships that can offer you the finest real-word experiences for your career. You just have to plan your working process to head towards the internship application. Here’s how you can do that!

How To Get Late Summer Internships

Hurry Up! Research Every Possible Option

Start searching for internships that match your skills. Go through every option and make a list of all the choices. Select the ones that match your experience level. Don’t waste time on junior level internships. If possible, target only the recently posted internships as those posted 3 or 4 months ago may have filled their positions. You are not going to get anything worth applying there. Targeting the recent ones can increase your chances of being the first applicant and probably the first selected intern.


Get Linked via LinkedIn

LinkedIn, as you know, is a vast platform to find jobs and careers of your interest. When you do not get anything profitable on the internet, LinkedIn is the only place where you can find something fruitful. Make a LinkedIn profile and add all your details as per instructions. Make sure to shape it in an attractive way. You may get a relevant connection out there who might refer you as an intern.

Follow the company you are looking for and send a message through LinkedIn explaining your skills and interest in their company. Chances are high that you get a quick and positive response.

Strengthen Your Connections

School professors and career counselors can play a crucial role in getting an internship for you.  You can approach your school alumni for a good referral. They are destined to help people like you. The best way is to use your LinkedIn profile. You can also contact your relatives or friends of your parents who are in the professional field of your interest. Remember, recommendations work the best when nothing is left behind. In fact, personal connections are the best referrals ever. Your elder siblings or close friends can help you a lot in this process.

Don’t ever Lose Hope

You may not get selected at the very first try or you may have to wait for an interview call or even a response from the company. But that doesn’t mean you sit idle waiting for a particular company. Keep looking for more options. Always present yourselves with a positive attitude and confidence in your skills. Recruiters believe in only those employees who are confident in expressing themselves. If one option fails to work, try the next two. But never, ever give up. Keep trying until you get the work of your interest.


Never compromise but take intellectual decision while you select your field. Follow the above-mentioned steps, you will definitely grab a good one.