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7 Signs Your Friends Don’t Respect You as an International Student

Friends are a beautiful part of life. Having friends gives happiness and strength to stride ahead in life. A good friend helps you with your trouble solving. He helps you to chill out and forget your worries. Two friends need to respect each other too. Not all friends are good.

There are fake friends you will encounter in your life. These friends will bring you troubles and will be jealous of your wins. They are toxic people disguised as friends. A student meets these kinds of friends anywhere around the world. These friends will never respect you truly. Identifying these people is important in a student’s life.

Importance of Respect

Respect is among the first psychological needs of humans. Being respected is considered a great goal or future. Respect between two people shows a lot of things about their relationship. Being respected is an important human need. It provides satisfaction, a boost in self-esteem and happiness. Knowing that your friends consider you an equal and admire you is the source of happiness for many.

Being respected by your friends will make you very confident. When a student moves abroad, there is doubt and uncertainty in his or her mind. They may often feel lonely and struggle with maintaining strong confidence. So, making friends in a new land who respects him is a big achievement for the student.


Some Signs Showing a Lack of Respect in a Friendship

Being a student in a new foreign place, you may often wonder what people think of you, what your friends think of you, do they like you and do they respect you? Going straight up and asking them whether they respect you is a bad and useless idea. Observing some patterns in their behavior will solve most of your doubts.

Not Being Included in Plans

A big sign of disliking and disrespect is when your friends “forget” to tell you about their outing plans. If it happens more than once, then there is a fine chance they are not really forgetting about you accidentally. This shows they don’t respect your company and your feelings. This can be heartbreaking, but it is a big sign of not being respected. You can talk to them about the problem or just stay away from yourself. You cannot continue a friendship with mutual respect.

Belittling Comments

Being frank and friendly is one thing and being offensive is different. If you observe that your friends often demean your character, cracks offensive jokes on you, criticize you openly, and even use racist slurs to diss you for fun then it shows a huge lack of respect. They may be keeping you with them and just to downgrade you and boost their own egos. These types of friends are toxic. Not only do they disrespect you but also use your selfishly. Stay away from these toxic people otherwise, you may lose all your confidence and esteem.

The Friendship is Turning Risky

Friendship is about the connection and fun two people have together. If you feel like your friend is always ready to get annoyed and fight with you over very small issues, then it shows that he is not happy being your friend. He may be irritated with you and dislike you. If you find yourself being very careful before speaking anything to him, then it is not natural anymore. Talk to your friend about the reasons for his behavior. Communicating can help you find out the answers to the situation. It can be because of his personal issues or because he does not respect your presence anymore.


Talks Behind Your Back

A true friend will respect you in front of you as well as when you are not around. Respect means no back talking or gossips to others. What your friends have been saying about you in your absence matters. If you find out that your friends have been making fun of you, then it shows a lack of respect in the form of backstabbing. Although, be careful because a piece of false information can cause misunderstandings. Make sure that your friends have been bad talking about you before coming to a conclusion. Otherwise, it can ruin a good friendship.

Spilling Your Secrets

When you tell someone your secrets, it shows your trust and closeness to the person. Sharing secrets means you expect your friend to respect your secrets and keep them hidden. Spilling the secrets is a major form of disrespect in friendship. If you see your friends telling people about your secrets than it is a sign, they don’t respect your trust. It shows that they only care about keeping things interesting with others, even if it means to betray their friendship with you.

You Feel Used

You may sometimes feel that a friend only contacts you when needed. They take your help and then disappear into their group again only to come back at the time of need. Being helpful is good, but being used is harmful to friendship and to your esteem. If a friend is only with you when they need it, then you should know that they don’t respect you. They are just there as a customer getting free services. Using other disguised as a friend is a prevailing practice everywhere. Being cautious and saying no is the answer to this issue.

They Don’t Clap for You

Being respectful means giving importance to each other’s lives, achievements, and stories. When a friend is respectful, he will always be happy about hearing or witnessing your achievements. He may feel a little jealous, but he will be able to keep that feeling aside and be happy for you. While a disrespectful friend will focus on jealousy and will try to steal your show somehow. They will never be happy seeing you happy. Their jealousy will always take over, and you can observe it clearly by their behavior.