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FanDuel Internships

FanDuel is interested in hiring young and innovative applicants and is offering them an internship program. The company is interested in offering two different internship programs to eligible candidates. The first program offered by the company is Data Analytic Intern, and the second one is Data Scientist Intern. While working as an intern for the Data Analytic work on the analytics projects and will derive the insights for the group-wide and commercial teams in order to derive the action throughout the business. If someone is interested in working as the Data Scientist intern then the student is involved in creating the predictive models in order to drive the actionable insights across the FanDuel group. The applicant must be hard-working and must possess the ability to complete the tasks on time. The age of the person required for the internship program is 18 years. The applicant must be working in a college or university in order to acquire a bachelor’s degree from the college.

The student after getting the internship program is supposed to complete the internship duties that are assigned to the student by the senior manager. The applicant working for the Data Analytics intern will be involved in the entire lifecycle and will be required to collect the data through the presentation of the result. The student who is interested in working for the Data Scientist intern is required to work alongside of the group of analysts through the various assignment and evolve the various models, tools. The applicant will be allotted the project during the tenure of the internship program. The project must be completed under the direction of the senior member and must be completed under the given time limit.

FanDuel Group is an American gambling company that offers online casinos, sportsbooks, daily fantasy, and online horse race betting products. The company was originally founded in 2009, the company operate sportsbooks in a number of states, including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, and New Jersey. The organization was founded as a daily fantasy sports provider and was competing with DraftKings. In May 2018, the company becomes the main branding for the Flutter’s United States operations.


The person working for the internship program is offered benefits that include paid time off, sick leaves, better working conditions, and competitive pay.


Data Analytics Intern

  • Work with other analysts.
  • Produce the specific insights around the customer trends and behavior.
  • Enable the success of the Analytics and Insight team.
  • Fulfill the various business requests.
  • Maintain the automated reporting processes.
  • Participate in the presentation focused on using the analysis.

Data Scientist Intern

  • Gain the exposure to the daily work in the Data science team.
  • Draft screening reports for awards screenings and specific titles.
  • Conduct the analysis, Construct the models, and present the solution to question and problem.
  • Iterate, develop and take the production machine learning models.
  • Create the dashboard, and data visualization.

Internship Eligibility

  • The minimum age for the program is 18 years.
  • The person enrolled in college or university and must be grabbing the bachelor’s degree.
  • The applicant must be passionate about the data science and must be interested in pursuing the career.
  • The student must possess the experience with the GitHub.
  • The applicant must know how to work with the SQL and Python.
  • The individual must have done the data science projects.


The organization intends to provide the internship opportunity in New York. The person is supposed to stay in New York in order to effectively work as an intern in the company.

Duration of Internship

The applicant selected for the internship program is required to complete the course. The duration of the program varies but the student will gain outstanding experience while working as an intern in the company.

How to Apply

The most common method for applying in the open position is to click on the link given below. The student will be taken to a new page where the applicant is supposed to click on Apply Now button. After doing this the student needs to fill in all the details and must be entered correctly.

Apply Now