Emerson Collective Internship

Emerson Collective can be a perfect place to start a career. The person will get a place in which the student can learn new and innovative things and work to develop new and innovative skills. The applicant will get a chance to work in a fast-paced working environment. The candidate can work alongside the professional and expertise. The individual is provided with the summer internship program. It is an opportunity where the applicant will work on multiple projects and thus contribute towards the overall growth of the company. The program is meant for innovative candidates, and the person is provided with proper mentorship and training. All the selected interns will also get the chance to participate in the weekly programming designed to develop leadership capacity and build professional networks. The age required for the internship program is 18 years, and the student is supposed to be enrolled in college or university.

The person is engaged in multiple roles that include researching, organizing, and updating things. The applicant needs to work in the company for 08 weeks, and the program is completely paid. The company provides benefits that include housing and travel stipends. The applicant must be hard-working, innovative, and deliver the product in a timely manner. At present, the company is offering an internship program in offices in California, Washington, and Palo Alto. The student needs to work hard in order to get shortlisted for the program. The candidate spends the time working on relevant projects, learning about the area, and making industry connections. The company primarily focuses on the health and safety of the students and provides them with an environment that is fun-filled.

Emerson Collective is known as a for-profit corporation focused on immigration reform, education, media and journalism, the environment, and health. The company was founded by Laurene Powell Jobs; the LLC uses impact investing, community engagement, and philanthropy as the tools to spur change in the United States and abroad. The company was founded in 2004 in Palo Alto, California. The organization was named after the transcendentalist writer Ralph Waldo Emerson. The company says that its mission is to do a great number of good things for the greatest number of people.


The superb benefit one can achieve stipend, other than that the company is providing the housing, paid time off, sick leaves. The company also offers a flexible working schedule that can create a work-life balance.


  • Manage the data.
  • Record the information.
  • Research the content and work properly.
  • Perform miscellaneous administrative duties.
  • Screening all the reports.
  • Brainstorm the concepts.
  • Manage the data, files, and other important documents.
  • Create content and communicate effectively with old and new clients.
  • Other duties as allotted.

Internship Eligibility

  • The age required to work for the company is 18 years.
  • The student must be pursuing the bachelor’s degree with the main focus on communication, events, policy, project support, and research.
  • The person must be bright, intelligent, and talented.
  • The student must possess strong communication and computer skills.
  • The applicant must how to communicate effectively and efficiently.


The location for the internship program is in California, Washington, and Palo Alto. The internship is provided by the company for the summer semester.

Duration of Internship

The starting date of the internship program is flexible, and the person is required to complete the whole program.

How to Apply

Applying for one such program can be quite better for the future. So click the link, and the link will take the student to the next page, where the applicant can fill in the required details. Make sure the students must fill in all the details carefully and correctly.

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