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Comedy Central Internships

Outstanding positions are now available in Comedy Central, and for all this, the applicant will be offered an amazing working environment in order to successfully carry out the tasks. The company is dedicated to providing the various internship position that includes on-air promotion intern, production department intern, production intern, and programming-development intern. The aim of the program is to provide an opportunity to learn, work and make contacts at a cable television network. All the program is performed in-office environment. The student needed for the program must be 18 years and must possess strong communicational skills. The selected person must be enrolled in college or university in order to complete the undergraduate or graduate degree. The person will get a chance to deal with other clients, and this will increase the knowledge in dealing the customers.

The program offered by the company can be beneficial because the candidate is assigned different tasks that will depend upon the type of internship. The person is required to perform some specific tasks that are not related to the internship; the work includes attending phone calls, keeping records, managing things, and providing basic office support. The student must be young and smart enough in order to tackle the workload and must possess the ability to complete the desired duties on time. The company will help the student to achieve relevant work experience and will provide college credit to the students.

Enrolling as an intern in the company can be the best decision to start working and hike to the career.


The person will get various benefits by working as an intern; some of the benefits include a safe working environment, paid time off, competitive salary, paid sick leaves, and other necessary benefits.


On-Air Promotions Intern

  • Provide general office assistance.
  • Support On-Air Promotion department.
  • Assist with external shoot
  • Screening and assisting the production assistant.
  • Assist with occasional off-lining.

Productions Department Intern

  • Provide necessary office support.
  • Work as a production assistant for various productions.
  • Copy and label various programs for other department.
  • View various Comedy Central programs.
  • Help organize the program cart sheets.
  • Help maintain the prop closet and reel library.

Production Intern

  • Provide essential support to the office.
  • Inputting the information on the computer.
  • Work as a production assistant.
  • Pick up the required equipment and craft service.
  • Help with the set maintenance.
  • Work with the various departments.
  • Assist in taping the show and during the rehearsal time.

Programming – Development Intern

  • Provide necessary office support.
  • Handle all the correspondence.
  • Review the treatment.
  • Dub video cassettes.
  • Scripts and submission.

Internship Eligibility

  • The candidate hired for the role must be of 18 years.
  • The student must be working to obtain the bachelor’s degree or master’s degree from a reputed college or university.
  • The person must possess interest in comedy.
  • The student having prior working experience in programming or development is considered as the plus.
  • The individual must be eligible to achieve the college credit.
  • The applicant must be detail-oriented, dynamic and team player.
  • The student must be humble, diligent and resourceful.


The location for the internship program is in New York. The internship provided by the company is completely office-based.

Duration of Internship

The length of the course will depend upon the company. It may be for few weeks or few months.

How to Apply

Click on the given below link, fill the form accordingly and click on the submit button, and this is how the applicant can apply for the ongoing position.

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