Bank of America High School Internship

The Bank of America is always in gossips between the candidates for the type of internship being offered by the company. The bank offers the program in a very challenging environment working condition so that the students can get the experience that is valuable and increase the knowledge of the applicants. As the student is hired in the company the person is likely to contribute towards the overall development of the growth of the company. The organization needs applicants with at least a minimum age requirement of 18 years. The program is specially designed by keeping the high school students in mind. The person must be ground to earth personality with other important skills that can be shaped more by working as an intern in the bank. 

When the applicant will start working in the company then the student will be assigned the work that is supposed to build useful skills. The program is provided by the company that is quite innovative because it will lead the high school junior or senior to gain the experience. The working culture seems to be dynamic and proper assistance is provided to the students to understand the concepts deeply and properly. The person must know to complete the tasks effectively and efficiently. The scholar can be asked to perform the work that is engaging and may acquire that the student must use all the skills. The Bank of America is hiring students for 8 weeks paid internship and for 35 hours per week.

The name of the bank first appeared in 1923. The Bank of America is a multinational investment company that holds the organization that is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The bank was founded in San Francisco and was formed through the NationsBank’s acquisition in 1998. The bank was formed with the Bank of America, Los Angeles. The bank of America acquired its name after two years. The “Bank of America” is the name for global markets and global banking under the Bank of America Corporation. The bank is intended to provide the derivatives, lending, and other commercial activities that are performed globally.


Joining the company can be beneficial as the company provides benefits that are of great use to the students. The benefits include sick leaves, health benefits, paid time off, working flexibility, and a chance to work in a super cool environment.


  • Manage documents and records.
  • Assist in research materials, done the fax, photocopy, and other duties done.
  • Manage database and other important information, record and data.
  • Prepare all the notes and memos at the time of meeting, sort and manage files.
  • Organize and maintain conference rooms and training rooms.
  • Work on multiple projects and give preference to the related work.
  • Attend events and other important meetings.
  • Create new content and communicate with old and new clients.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Internship Eligibility

  • The candidate age must be at least 18 years or more than that.
  • The applicant must be high school junior or senior with the strong interest in various fields.
  • Previous work experience related to the field.
  • Must possess knowledge in Microsoft Office, Suite.
  • Must be organized, team member and must know how to complete the duties perfectly.
  • Must be quiet, self-oriented, starter and resourceful.


The internship program is localized in America. The program offered is for the summer semester.

Duration of Internship

The duration of the training is for 8 weeks, the program is paid and the person is asked to work for 35 hours per week.

How to Apply

The program can be pursued when you will fill the application form and this can be done by clicking the link that is mentioned below. The person needs to fill the form properly otherwise the application will not be considered.

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