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Applying for Internships Abroad

Internships are an opportunity for students to get industrial experience for their career. An internship abroad makes it a golden opportunity for the ones who aspire to get their dream job. Not only this, internships abroad add value to a student’s resume/CV.

Some internships may directly lead to employment opportunities while others may offer good recommendations. These internships can enhance the intern’s language, communication and working skills which play a crucial role in the employment sector. He or she will get to experience a life that is completely different from the present one.

Hurdles in Internships Abroad

The main problem is to find an internship in abroad that best suit a student’s academics. It is quite difficult to find a relevant internship that offers training for the chosen subjects. Moreover, students have to look for accommodation (if not provided by the internship provider) and learn the native language of the preferred country. Students also face problems while getting a visa abroad and meeting the eligibility criteria of different internship providers.

Applying for Internships Abroad


How to Apply for Internships Abroad

Though it is a bit difficult to spend a semester or two in abroad for internships, yet it is a lifelong experience and can shape a student’s career exceptionally. Following ways can help the students to apply for internships abroad:

International Student Services (ISS)

Before applying for internships abroad, students need to approach the ISS office to make the right choices. ISS not only looks after the careers of US students but also provides relevant advice to international students for their studies and employment abroad. ISS also addresses students for issues other than immigration and visas. Student can refer to them for career guidance too.

Research on the Internet

Students can look for internships abroad by doing web research. They can find a number of websites which provides complete information about the internship providers abroad. Then they can opt for the internship they prefer and fill the application form with necessary details. They can also visit their websites and look for accommodation and internship details. All the details are mentioned there with contact information.

Online Job Platforms

Online platforms like LinkedIn are helpful for students seeking internships abroad. LinkedIn is specially designed for connecting employers with relevant employees. Students have to make their profile on LinkedIn and should follow the companies they are interested in for an internship. Consequently, if the company finds the student’s profile up to the mark, the authorities themselves contact the student with an internship/job offer.


Approach Multinational Companies

Many multinational companies offer internships abroad as they maintain a standard international work environment in their workplace. Whatever be the field, students can get international internships offers from these organizations. They just have to fill online application forms to get themselves registered in their company’s database. When MNCs have an international opportunity for students they look for relevant candidates in their database and contact the right one.

Initially, students might feel internships abroad a cumbersome process but if they approach with small steps and patience they will find it easier than they have thought about it. The thing is students should not give up while searching for internships abroad as failures are stepping stones to success.