Wizards of the Coast Internship

Worried about the career, then start working as an intern in the Wizards of the Coast. The company is providing the internship opportunity in a perfect and dynamic working environment. The applicant will get a chance to thrive in the entertainment and gaming industries through the in-hand experience at the Wizards. The company intends to provide the internship in various fields that include game design and production, sales and marketing, art and design, software engineering and data science, and much more. The person enrolled in the program will have the opportunity through hands-on projects, individual development planning, and exposure to executive and mentorship programs. The internship program is open for all students who are at least 18 years old or more. The opportunity is available for the students currently pursuing the accredited degree from the college or university. The company seeks applicants who are young, bright, and talented.

The applicant selected for the role needs to work alongside the mentor and other team members. The projects allotted to the student will help gain the desired working experience, but for all this, the student must complete the program and perform the best. The candidate is supposed to perform various tasks that include picking up the phone calls, managing the data, maintaining the files, answering all the mails, and other duties as asked by the mentor. The program offered by the company is a mix of the actual industry work on the specific team and a personal capstone project based on the passions and the areas of interest. The company is providing this unique opportunity in the United States, and the program is available to students for 10 weeks.

Wizards of the Coast is the American publisher of games primarily based on fantasy and the science of the fiction themes and was formerly the operator of the retail stores for the games. The company is currently a subsidiary of Hasbro, which was acquired by the company in 1999. In February 2021, the reorganization at Hasbro, the Wizards of the Coast became the leading part of the new “Wizard and Digital” team. The organization is intended to produce board games, collectible card games. The company now has received numerous awards that include the origins Awards. The company also produces the sports cards sets that release the baseball, association football, and the American football series.

Anyone interested in joining the program can fill in the details and apply for the program without wasting any time. Best of Luck!


It is a great thing to work in a company that offers various benefits that include paid time off, collaborative and competitive working environment, sick leaves, work-life balance, opportunity to grow in career, and the list goes on.


  • Work along the mentor in entertainment and gaming industry.
  • Answering the mails.
  • Picking up the phone calls.
  • Attend the important.
  • Work on different assigned projects.
  • Connecting phone interviews for filmmakers and talent.
  • Preparing all the reports.
  • Brainstorm the new ideas and concept.
  • Other responsibilities as assigned by the mentor.

Internship Eligibility

  • The eligible candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • The perfect applicant is someone who is authorized to work in United States.
  • Someone who can commit 10 weeks in order to complete the program.
  • The person must be enrolled in degree seeking program and only one quarter must be left after the summer internship program.
  • The appropriate candidate is someone who is bright, talented and powerful.
  • The person must possess technical skills and must know how to read and write.


The company intends to offer the program in the United States, and the person must stay in the States for the completion of the program.

Duration of Internship

The length of the course offered by the company is for 10 weeks and in order to obtain benefits and experience the person must stay in the company.

How to Apply

It is simple to apply for the internship program; the applicant has to fill in the required details along with the current resume, cover letter, online portfolio link for the art and design. This can be done by clicking on the link.

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