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Single Mom Raises Money for NASA Internship

Single Mom Raises Money for NASA Internship

A mother would only know the struggles when it comes to surviving in a city with her only daughter. In this case, it would be a single mother’s struggle to raise money for herself in order to intern with NASA who are providing a 10-week internship at their Johnson Space Flight Centre located in Houston.

To give a small brief into the subject, India Jackson; a second-year graduate student, who studies in Georgia and most importantly, a single mother of a 12-year old daughter, got offered an internship from NASA, but unfortunately, she couldn’t afford it financially.

It has to be noted that the internship at NASA does provide a stipend, but only if the interns start the program. That’s what India Jackson’s cousin Dasha Fuller has got to say.

Fuller further states that this internship was a lifelong dream of Jackson’s and she had it coming a long time and she feels very proud of Jackson. Unfortunately, Jackson was unable to attend because of the issue with finance. India is a single mother and a struggling graduate student, so the monetary factor had to be considered before going off to NASA’s internship.

Fuller further explained that he didn’t want Jackson to turn down the opportunity just because she couldn’t go there for financial issues. Because he knew how much the internship meant for her.

That’s when Fuller had the idea to create a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for her cousin, in order to let her cousin, attend the internship. More than 260 good hearted Samaritans rushed to help Jackson in achieving her dreams. The campaign’s original goal was to raise a sum of $8000 but the campaign managed to hit another $500 dollars, after which Fuller decided to close the campaign.

Jackson stated that the internship would be a wonderful opportunity, it’s just that she didn’t know how she would do it.

But after knowing there are hundreds of donors who got her back, she clearly is happy and overwhelmed about it by telling that she’s gotten a massive amount of support from all around the world. And she apparently was surprised.

Fuller also mentioned that he didn’t know much about crowdfunding and never tried it before, but now it worked.

When asked about Jackson’s plan for the future, she said that she hopes to complete her doctorate by 2022 and is hopeful about getting a job as a research professor at any Atlanta area university.

Furthermore, she has mentioned that she will pursue teaching, even if it’s part-time. And hopes that she will be a college instructor, for either math or physics. But she also includes NASA in her future.

Jackson clearly mentions that she would like to work for NASA in the future and further says that if given the opportunity, she would love to work for NASA and her lifetime goal is to get to the International Space Station.

She also says that if this was possible for her to bag this opportunity in the future, she would definitely take those steps in order to make that happen.

Jackson does admit that this will be a difficult thing to do but admits that the things currently she had gone through so far has been difficult, so she’s ready to make that happen.

Here’s to you for attending the NASA internship and wishing you all the best for the future, Jackson!