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NCIS Internship

NCIS needs applicants to join the team so that they can pursue the excellent internship program. At present the company is offering two internship programs, one is an honor intern program and another one is a wounded warrior intern program. The NCIS training program will provide a unique perspective to the mission and into the agency and help to serve an elite law enforcement organization within the federal system and all over the world. The person can work in a collaborative environment and can get hands-on learning experience by working as an intern in the company. The minimum age required for the post is 18 years. The person must be working to obtain the degree and must possess strong academic records. The candidate applying for the post must be innovative, intelligent, and hard-working.

Working as an intern in the company can be challenging as the person hired in the organization will be assigned some work that will completely depend upon the type of internship you are pursuing. Some of the basic tasks may include recording things, collecting data, and curate related products, and building strong relationships with other peers and clients of the company. The person must be detail-oriented, dynamic, and intelligent. The candidate must know how to complete the tasks on time. The position is offered for two types and therefore the duration of the honor intern program is 18 weeks and the duration of the wounded warrior intern program is for 3 months.

NCIS is known as the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is an American police television series that is more than just an action drama. The series liberal all the doses of the humor, and also focuses on the complex part. The theme of the program is revolving around the fictional team with some special agents. The main character and concept of the program were initially introduced in two episodes of the CBS series. The company is based in Washington, DC. The place will provide the best area to grow professionally and mentally.

Consider joining the program and start working as an intern and gain relevant experience. Best of Luck!


Joining the company that means you are showered with the benefits that the organization provides to the intern, all the benefits that include paid time off, sick leaves, insurance, a clean and fresh environment, clean drinking water facilities, and much more.


  • The person has to perform miscellaneous duties.
  • The candidate needs to research about different projects.
  • Managing documents, collecting data, and printing the required papers.
  • Must know how to format all the related document.
  • Organize the duties and perform it accordingly.
  • Brainstorm the ideas.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Internship Eligibility

  • The person must be at least 18 years in age
  • For both the internship program the eligibility is same that is any bachelor’s degree from accredited college or university will work.
  • Preference will be given to the students having prior working experience.
  • Must know how to use computer software.
  • Must be quiet, humble and resourceful
  • Must know how to deal with situation and flexible to pursue the tasks at any time.


The company is offering an internship program in the United States. The program is completely performed under the environment of the company.

Duration of Internship

The duration of the program is different for both of the internship for honor intern program it is 18 weeks and the duration of the wounded warrior intern program is for 3 months.

How to Apply

You are asked to fill the application form and this can be done by clicking the link given below. You have to fill the form very carefully to be considered for the post.

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