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Vulnerability Research Intern Raytheon Huntsville, AL 35806

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Don’t miss the excellent learning opportunity at the Raytheon. Vulnerability Research Intern has been open at their Huntsville, AL 35806.

Brief Details

Job: Vulnerability Research Intern
Company: Raytheon
Location: Huntsville, AL 35806

Job Description

Seeking undergraduate college students for Vulnerability Researcher (VR) and Software Developer internships for Summer of 2020 at Raytheon Cyber Security Offensive & Defensive Experts (CODEX) in Huntsville, AL. CODEX’s passion is work that challenges, engages, and empowers real-world mission impact which means our research and development efforts cover the full spectrum of security technologies for computer network operations. Candidates must play both sides of the fence—developing and defeating advanced new security techniques. Projects are undertaken on small teams in close coordination with customers to quickly deliver or enhance capabilities.


Potential Software Developer candidates should enjoy systems-level security engineering – especially Windows/Linux kernel development, forensic and anti-forensic techniques, rootkit analysis, anti-reverse engineering, embedded systems development, and information operations. Our ideal candidate is someone with great technical and problem-solving skills, and a high degree of creativity! Potential strong Vulnerability Researcher candidates would include those who’ve discovered a kernel paged pool exploit, modified JIT engines to add your own instrumentation to mitigate entire vulnerability classes, created a heap-based buffer overflow with ASLR/DEP defeats, used solvers to highlight interesting call/dataflow graphs, or created custom hardware emulators… you’ll be right at home in CODEX.

Required Qualifications:
Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity-relevant field (e.g. CS, CPE, EE) Please include your transcript with your resume.
Proficiency in one or more scripting languages (e.g. Python, Ruby, Bash, Powershell)
Proficiency in one or more systems programming languages (e.g. C/C++)
Familiarity with low-level architectures (e.g. x86, ARM)
This position required the ability to obtain a government security clearance. Except in rare circumstances, only U.S. citizens are eligible for security clearance.
Desired Qualifications:
Computer network operations experience (e.g. CTFs, red/blue teams, pentesting)
Networked communications development (e.g. TCP/UDP sockets, Bluetooth, GSM)
Reverse engineering experience (e.g. IDA Pro, WinDbg, ollydbg, gdb, objdump)
Hardware emulation development (e.g. QEMU, Unicorn, Panda, VHDL)
Cryptographic experience (e.g. implementing AES, side channel attacks)
Mobile/embedded development (e.g. Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi)
Active U.S. Government Security Clearance
Our Interviews:
Our interviews are technical. Come prepared to tell us about your technical background and interests as well as to work through some of our questions on a computer or whiteboard. We hope candidates find our questions to be thought provoking, but we don’t ask brain teasers or tricks. This is a chance to have a dialog with our team, and we hope you will enjoy it!

This position can be for a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Internship based on the candidate’s qualifications as they relate to the skills, experience and responsibility requirements for the position.
Freshman status – must have completed up to 29 hours of college credits towards degree as of Summer 2020.
Sophomore status – must have completed 30 hours of college credits towards degree and obtained Sophomore status as of Summer 2020.
Junior status – must have completed 60 hours of college credits towards degree and obtained Junior status as of Summer 2020.
Senior status – must have completed 90 hours of college credits towards degree and obtained Senior status as of Summer 2020.

This position requires either a U.S. Person or a Non-U.S. Person who is eligible to obtain any required Export Authorization. 149667
Raytheon is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, age, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.


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