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How to Write a Thank-You Letter for an Internship

As an intern, you will feel the need to show your gratitude to your employer on some occasions. Even if you do not feel the need to, you should still show your gratitude as a good gesture and etiquettes. You can show your gratitude by directly speaking to them or through a written note or letter sent through email or handing them directly. Writing a thank-you letter to your employer is not rocket science. You can write it in your own way, but keeping it formal is the key.

Why is a Thank-You Letter Important?

A polite and honest thank you letter is always appreciated by employers. It shows a lot of your character traits in an instant. You can use a thank you letter to show your manners. But, we suggest you show your gratitude honestly to make thank you letter more beautiful. Doing it for your own benefit will change your writing style and convey a slightly different idea to the employers.

Giving a follow up with a thank you letter shows politeness and efforts. Employers judge a candidate on several non-performance traits, and this is one of them. An internship is among your first corporate jobs, so thanking your employers and mentors via a heart-warming thank you letter is a good practice. Also, it will help you to develop good relations and connections with the people in the industry. It can even clear the way for a full-time lucrative job at the organization. Showing a little gratitude for all these possibilities will never hurt anyone.

When to Send a Thank-You Letter

An intern can send thank you letters at two main events. They can send thank you letters on other occasions too. However, keeping the letter’s minimum will maintain its effect and importance. Too many thank you letters, and you look like a person buttering your seniors.


Upon Selection for an Internship

When you get selected into an internship after an interview, sending a well-phrased thank you letter is highly important. The letter will set up a conversation between you and your employer. It will also make things more comfortable. You employer will often perceive you to be well mannered and a responsive candidate. It will change his attitude towards him, and you will enjoy a better time during your internship. A thank you letter after selection shows that you are excited and ready to put in efforts for the internship.

On Leaving the Internship

When your internship is complete, and it’s time to say farewell, writing a thank you letter is the best way to make things good. If you had written a thank you letter during your selection, it is highly recommended to send it on your resignation time too. It will maintain the tradition and leave a good lasting impression on your employers. As you have already built relations with them during the internship, a thank you letter will make the bond stronger. You can expect to stay in touch with your employer, and there is a chance that you will hear from them in the future about a job proposal. This will happen only when you have delivered good performance in your internship.

How to Write a Thank-You Letter

The basics to write a good thank you letter for your internship are the same for every situation. You have to follow some general rules while writing a heartfelt gratitude letter.

Keep the Letter Short.

If you are selected for an internship and you are overjoyed by the news, take your time to write a thank you letter. Write it when your excitement is lowered, so you will write it in a short and sweet manner. Writing a long thank you letter can show you as a desperate person trying to butter his way in.


Being a Professional

Maintain a professional tone in your letter. Do not get carried away in waves of gratitude. Keeping the letter formal and respectful will maintain the flow you had in the internship. Also, communicate in the letter normally. If you are selected for the internship, show that you are looking up to work with the organization. If it is a post-internship letter, speak like a normal employee showing gratitude. Even if you could not perform well in the internship, just thank them with honesty. This will assure your employers that you did put in efforts till the end no matter what your performance was.

Highlight What You Learned.

While writing a thank you letter at the end of the internship, speak about why you feel happy to have worked at the internship. Tell your employers what you learned and how it will help you in your career in the future. Talk about good things you experienced and show gratitude for all of those things.

Thank Every Person.

Even if you are writing the mail to a single person, including a line or two about all the people who helped in your development during the internship. This shows your appreciation for the efforts put in by everyone and makes you a team guy.

Show a Willingness to Work in the Future

Show that you hope to be in touch and work again at the organization in the future. Keep this part subtle and include this at the very end of your letter.

Do Not Sell Yourself

A thank you letter is for thanking a person sincerely. Never convey that you are trying to build up a connection for your own benefits. If you are selected, do not flatter and tell them why it is a good decision. If you are leaving the internship, do not write about why they should hire you again.


Writing a thank you letter is easy if you are truly grateful for the opportunity. Write sincerely and keep the thoughts of benefits aside. You should know about the benefits, but should not write a letter just for those benefits. Just start writing and put down the gratitude you feel in a short and professional way.