Highest Paying Internships in USA

Highest Paying Internships in USA

Internships during semester breaks and holidays are a great opportunity for you to get a reputed job after graduation. The significance they own today is much more than earlier. Moreover, some top internships in the USA pay you twice the salary that a regular employee gets. These internships are a way that most of the Tech and Finance industries follow to find great talents and offer them higher payslips for their work.

According to a report by Glassdoor, the annual income of a US employee is $51,350 and the same company offers $55,000-$96,000 to an intern for 12 months. You can see the difference. Apart from these payslips, interns are very often offered with free accommodation, food, and transport facilities by the companies. The only way to get benefit out of this luxury is to have the required talent and knowledge that a particular company looks for.

A study by Glassdoor uncovers a few highest paying internships in the USA.

Highest Paying Internships in USA



Facebook offers a monthly salary of $8,000 to its interns. The internship program of Facebook is top-ranked among all the other internships offered in the USA.


An intern in Microsoft is paid a monthly salary of $7,100. Great engineering talents with computer and electrical streams are offered with a standard industrial experience.

Bloomberg L.P.

Bloomberg L.P. offers $7,000 to its interns. With an offer for a full-time job, the company trains the interns by constructive advice and career-oriented seminars.

Capital One

The monthly salary offered by Capital One is $7,000. Interns collaborate with the team members in taking the most important business decisions for the company.



Salesforce pays its interns $6,450 on a monthly basis. It allows the interns to work on real projects and understand their impact on the businesses today.


Amazon offers a payslip of $6,400 to the interns working there. The fast-paced environment trains the intern to cope up the challenging problems of the customers in Amazon.


Apple treats the interns as an important part of their team, offering $6,400 as monthly salary. A great opportunity to handle critical projects not only in the USA but also across the whole world.


The interns are offered $6,080 as monthly salary. Interns with a keen interest in Robotics, Social Media, and Media and Entertainment can look for a great career with Yahoo.


The monthly payslip offered by Google is $6,000. The company welcomes courageous interns to join the Sales and Marketing team to face the challenges and derive healthy solutions for them.

Bank of America

Bank of America offers a payslip of $5,833 to its interns on a monthly basis. The interns are welcome for all kinds of internships and offer a significant corporate culture to them.

So gone are the days when internships were unpaid. A decade passed to this trend. The reason is unemployment. More and more employers are looking for aspiring and ambitious talents. Especially, the internships through colleges are highly paid ones. Furthermore, the companies offering high salaries pave the way for quality engineering education and standard marketing projects.