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DO’s and Don’ts at Summer Internships

DO’s and Don’ts at Summer Internships

Today more than half of the world’s population engages themselves into sources of earnings that is either by doing a job or opening a business. Most of the people prefer doing a job but finding a job is not an easy task, it requires skills that can only come through experience, so in order to gain expertise beforehand, internships were made. This enabled freshers to mold their skills similarly.

But one thing that seems to be problematic is you might choose an internship but may not be applicable if reciprocated, so in order to make it happen here are some listed do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind.


Challenge accepted

Remember your exam fear and the way you used to get prepared beforehand with all the stuff, carrying several pens to be preventive. Similarly, you need to keep all the things such as notepad, pen, laptop, or various other things that might shortfall off.

Presence of Mind

you have to be physically and mentally presented in the environment to look after all the work and to gain proper knowledge to work accordingly, which leads to fewer mistakes and fluent working.


modesty is the key to win hearts. Be grateful to whatever is being taught to you whether you like it or not. After all, you’re there to learn.

Give it Your Best

Your keenness to learn will interest your mentors to make you learn new skills and give you several- training, which will improve your work efficiency and portrays an image that you’re an enthusiastic learner.


A pillar to build all sort of relationships is through communication. You have to be approachable and excited to learn as you have to work for yourself.

Ask for Feedback

The exit interview is just as soon as you sign up from the internship. It will show your learning and improvement graph. Also, it will show what your flaws were and you can make sure not to repeat it.

Thank You

Always be grateful to your mentors. Write a letter to them and keep it lucid.

DO’s and Don’ts at Summer Internships


Don’t be Bossy

it might happen that you work in an administrative environment but never be bossy as it will owe you nothing but disrespect.

Don’t be a Backstabber

being a hypocrite is a flaw. Talking on their back might degrade their image but trust me, your image will be equally questioned.

Sharing is not Always Caring

whatever we do, we put it as our experience like everyone else do, but be aware of what you’re posting. Never post secret work or policy framework of the company.

Internships provide a source of exposure and on the job training. One must grab as much knowledge about the training or lessons they’re learning as it enables an individual to be prepared for the office environment and to deal with complications that may arise. It is an opportunity to explore the field that interests you and also to be adaptable about how things are to be done and in what manner.