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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Child Life Internship

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is now sponsoring a wonderful Child Life Internship to those students who are planning to embark on a career as a certified child life specialist. This is a full-time program that will last for 16 weeks in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bachelor’s or master’s students are eligible to apply for this internship. The child life intern position is responsible for supervised involvement in the planning and implementation of a developmentally and emotionally supportive program for children and adolescents.

Internship Location:

This internship will be based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Internship Duration:

The program has 16 weeks’ duration.


Internship Benefits:

CHOP internship provides a fun environment, great mentorship, flexible working hours and many more.

Eligibility Requirements:

The program’s requirements must be met by the application deadline, in order to be considered.

  • Internship students must be college seniors or college graduates with a strong background in child development or a closely related field. bachelor’s or master’s level academic preparations are accepted.
  • Child life intern applicants must complete the Association of Child Life Professionals course review through the Eligibility Assessment and have documented verification of a minimum of 10 approved courses, including a course taught by a CCLS, completed prior to applying to the internship program. Please refer to the internship packet checklist for a complete listing of prerequisites.
  • Applicants must have at least 100 hours of student or work experience with children individually or in group settings (such as camps, daycares, developmental centers, etc.).
  • Applicants must have completed a minimum of 100 hours of practicum experience working under the direct supervision of a Child Life Specialist in a healthcare setting. The practicum experience in a pediatric healthcare setting is a requirement. Additional hours in other settings should be included in your application.

Eligible Country:

United States

How to Apply:

To apply for this internship, please send your application along with all required materials at:


Training Coordinator

Child Life and Education Department

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

3401Civic Center Blvd., Wood Building, 6th floor East

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for summer is January 5.

The application deadline for fall is March 15.

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