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Internship Tips

How Long Are Internships

How Long Are Internships?

When you’re applying for an internship, you may have questions about how long internships usually are. That’s a common question on the minds of students who are trying to fit in as many internships as they can into a year or students who want to plan for full-time work after they graduate and aren’t sure if their final-semester internship could… Read More »How Long Are Internships?

How to Reject an Internship Offer

How to Reject an Internship Offer?

Congratulations! You’ve received that internship offer you’ve been feeling ambiguous about. You may have received a few other calls as well. It’s common to lose sleep and stress out when trying to make a choice from among several options. When you do decide to turn down a particular internship offer, you’ll have to make a polite and professional rejection that… Read More »How to Reject an Internship Offer?

How to Accept Internship Offer?

How to Accept Internship Offer?

So, you’ve received that phone call offering you an internship. Maybe you went for an interview that was so successful, you received the offer immediately afterward. Unless you’ve pretty much made up your mind that this is the internship you want, take some time to think about it. Don’t accept right off the bat, without weighing all your options and… Read More »How to Accept Internship Offer?

How to Get an Internship

Where to Find Internships There are various sites you can use to find out about current and upcoming internship opportunities in the UK, including: Graduate Talent Pool Run by All internships advertised on the website are paid. Internships are available for those who have graduated in the last three years and generally last between 1-12 months. StudentJob UK Internships… Read More »How to Get an Internship

What Is an Internship

What Is an Internship?

If you are an undergraduate student, recent graduate or are soon to start your higher education, the likelihood is you have heard about internships. An internship is similar to work experience; it is an opportunity for you to gain real experience in the workplace and can be useful in helping you decide what you do, or don’t, want to do… Read More »What Is an Internship?