6 Ways How Students Can Find Paid Internships

6 Ways How Students Can Find Paid Internships

Internships are not only beneficial but also a crucial part of any student’s academic life. They help in the overall personality development of the students. They are also an awesome way to burgeon one’s pocket money.

A lot of times we are a bit reluctant to ask for money every now and then from our parents. Therefore internships can be really conductive in that way. They also add credits to the resume and help to find better jobs in the future.

Every stream whether it be journalism, law, engineering or media requires a student to do an internship in their semi-final and final year. There is also umpteen work from home internships available which allow you to work from the comfort of your own house without going to a different place due to your onerous schedule. You can choose any internship but should have the needed qualifications.

Most of the companies that provide internships to students ask you to upload your resume and also give some basic answers. They then shortlist you on the basis of your profile and give you an assignment for the final selection. After the final selection, you are given the opportunity to work from them. There are various sites that offer you the opportunity to do an internship. Some of them are listed below:



It is one of the widest used portals for finding internships. This site has a lot of internships and you can apply according to your choice. On creating an account in Internshala you are asked about your top 5-6 areas of interest and according to your feedback, it finds internships for you. You are also given the opportunity of exploring internships in other cities. If you are interested in global internships then you can also apply for international internships.

However, if time is something that bothers you and you do not want to go to another city or place for interning then you have the opportunity of working from your own home. Some of the companies offer fixed stipends while some other offer incentives apart from the stipend depending on the type of service that you offer to them.

Make sure that while uploading your resume you do not write extra details than what is required. Just write as much as is required and write in points since the HR of any company does not have time to go through the entire article. Also, try to submit the assignment for selection before the deadline.


Glassdoor not only provides you with exciting internship opportunities but also with a myriad of job options according to your own convenience. You also have the option of posting your expected stipend and designation and then the site shortlists the companies accordingly. You can also follow companies of your choice like Apple, Microsoft or any other company as such in order to stay updated about any open vacancies in that company. It provides you with marvelous opportunities for interning in your dream companies.


6 Ways How Students Can Find Paid Internships


If you are someone who is interested in interning in a startup and not any reputed company then Angellist is the perfect place for finding relevant companies. It provides you with a myriad of choices for interning in startups as well as finding jobs in startups. You get to learn a lot while interning in a startup and therefore it is an awesome way for growth in your field of interest. You also learn things like teamwork, time management, etc which will help you in your life and will enable you to work efficiently in whichever company you work.

So do not miss your chance and go and make a profile on Angellist if you want to work in a startup.

Media Jobs Daily

This is basically a facebook group that helps people with a media background to find internships of their choice. It has tons of internship options available and lakhs of people are members of this group. The feedback of people in the comment section will enable you to get relevant reviews about various companies. You can apply to the company of your choice through this site and intern during your free time. So if your interest is in media then do not waste even a second and go invest your leisure in something valuable.

6 Ways How Students Can Find Paid Internships


This is one of the most popular platforms for internships and job hunt. A lot of potential employers can see your profile on this platform to make sure that you have a good resume. By good resume, it is not meant that it should be something ostentatious or should contain wrong information about your achievements. You should mention only those things in your resume which you have actually done as it is very easy for the recruiters to make out which application is real and which one is fake because of their experience.

Therefore in an attempt to impress them do not end up writing anything wrong or do not copy paste from the resume of any other candidate as it can decelerate your chances of selection. If you have a problem making a resume then there are a number of apps available in play store that will enable you to form an efficient resume. You can also make your resume on Internshala and download it for future reference. A good resume has a very positive impact on recruiters.

Hello Intern

This is an awesome platform for those people who are a novice in the world of internships and are just starting out. This site has a lot of options for you to choose from and will enable you to work in either a reputed firm or in a startup of your choice. You can choose an internship of your own interest and start working for a company.

So in this summer break do not sit back in your house and become a couch potato. Instead, invest your time in something prolific and get a chance to enhance your talents by doing internships.